August Brings As Much Dramatic Tension As It Gives A Boost To Relationships, According To Expert

Monthly Horoscopes – August 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

August begins on a note of tension, even upheaval. Mars and Uranus form an angry conjunction on August 1st, which tends to feed impulsive, dramatic action. Cooler heads are unlikely to prevail much before August 4th, when Mercury moves into logical, analytical Virgo. At this point, angst will have subsided enough for sensible analysis to take place, but it could be too late to salvage some of the damage.

The mood changes for the better with the humanitarian Aquarius Full Moon on August 11th. This lunar influence encourages us to think of the greater good rather than pursuing selfish agendas.

On the same day, Venus moves into warm-hearted Leo, so interpersonal relationships are likely to get a boost at the micro-level, creating a couple of weeks where everything feels much rosier and more positive.

On August 20th, Mars adds to the light-hearted vibe when it arrives in sociable, chatty Gemini. This playful energy is curious about everything and everyone, doing much to shore up mutual respect and tolerance.

The last ten days of August take on a thoughtful, industrious note when the Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd. Two days later, Uranus turns retrograde, quelling restlessness but turning rebellion into an inner self-rebellion instead. Combined with the sometimes overly critical solar energy of Virgo, this could be a difficult few days for society’s mental health.

However, Mercury’s arrival in charming Libra helps to soothe worries, and the practical, get-on-with-it Virgo New Moon on August 27th rounds out the month on an encouraging note.

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Reign in your impulsive streak when your ruler Mars conjuncts Uranus on August 1st, or you may inadvertently create financial issues for yourself.

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George Peters / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
George Peters / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

However, early August is a good time for teamwork and improved relationships with colleagues, especially once Mercury changes signs on August 4th.

Get as much work done as you can as early as you can because when the Full Moon shines from your social zone on August 11th, the emphasis is firmly on fun. Venus changes zodiac signs on this date, too, moving into the pleasure zone of your chart, so work will be the last thing on your mind!

Your social life gets another boost on August 20th when your ruling planet Mars changes signs and boosts your desire to talk, network, and share ideas. This can be good news for you at work, too, especially when the Sun moves into your everyday routines zone on August 22nd.

Any financial issues you experienced in early August could come back to bite around the 24th when Uranus turns retrograde and requires us to learn lessons from previous risky behavior.

Fortunately, Mercury moves into your opposite sign the following day, easing communication within your closest relationship and smoothing out any discord.

Once the New Moon emerges in the responsibilities area of your natal birth chart on August 27th, however, you’ll need to focus once again on work. This is an excellent time to make progress in your career, but it does demand concentration, so limit social distractions as August winds down.