11 Reasons Why Aunts Are Some of The Most Important People in Your Life

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An aunt, also known as an auntie, zia, tia or titi, is an important person in every kid’s life. They can be a friend, confidant, caretaker and may even sub as a parent in some instances.

Many people have fond memories of hanging out with their auntie at every age, or sharing secrets with them that they would never be able to tell their parents or siblings.

Here are some of the best reasons why aunts are so important!

1. Aunts Spoil

If your titi is anything like the rest, she is great at giving presents. Aunts are known for giving tons of gifts for birthdays and holidays, and the best ones too.

It’s not only presents that help to spoil nieces and nephews. When you go out for an afternoon on the town, don’t be surprised when your aunt buys you a huge ice cream cone or extra sweets.

They give the best hugs whenever you want them and are never too busy to spoil with affection.