11 Reasons Why Aunts Are Some of The Most Important People in Your Life

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An aunt, also known as an auntie, zia, tia or titi, is an important person in every kid’s life. They can be a friend, confidant, caretaker and may even sub as a parent in some instances.

Many people have fond memories of hanging out with their auntie at every age, or sharing secrets with them that they would never be able to tell their parents or siblings.

Here are some of the best reasons why aunts are so important!

1. Aunts Spoil

If your titi is anything like the rest, she is great at giving presents. Aunts are known for giving tons of gifts for birthdays and holidays, and the best ones too.

It’s not only presents that help to spoil nieces and nephews. When you go out for an afternoon on the town, don’t be surprised when your aunt buys you a huge ice cream cone or extra sweets.

They give the best hugs whenever you want them and are never too busy to spoil with affection.

2. Playtime is Fun with Auntie

Parents are tired. Aunts are energized!

They are always ready to play whatever cockamamie game kids can think of and they never get tired of reading the same book out loud over and over again.

They love to play pretend, watch cartoons and eat snacks with the kiddos at any time of day.

3. Aunts Are Great in Charge

When an aunt is in charge for the day, it’s easy for them to give out gentle discipline because the relationship is simply different than that of the one a child has with the parent.

They aren’t worn down by constant supervision of children. They are refreshed and ready, filled with a reserve of patience.

4. They Can Provide Cousins

When aunts have children they create the best playmate for nieces and nephews: cousins! Many have great relationships with their cousins for their whole lives, and it’s a special type of friendship.

You might be like a sibling to your cousins or have a best friend type of relationship.

5. Aunts Offer Perspective

Parents raise their kids in a certain way, but an aunt can offer a new perspective on the world. This is very helpful to some kids.

If a kid is different or feels misunderstood by their parents, an aunt can offer an understanding ear and some advice that gives more perspective on the world.

6. Aunts Help Parents

Aunts are known for being super helpful to parents. They can babysit, letting the parental units take a few hours off. They can also help to take the kids somewhere together, with the parents, to relieve pressure.

7. Aunties Can Give Advice

Aunts can not only give advice to the kids but they can also give advice to the parents. They have an outside perspective that makes them able to see a situation differently, so they are great at giving counsel to both.

8. They Give the Juicy Details on Mom & Dad

Your titi knows all the dirt on her sister, AKA your mom. She will tell you the crazy things they used to do as kids and all the times your mom got in trouble for the very thing that you did last week. You can all laugh about it now!

9. Helps Relationship Between Parents & Kids

Aunts can often act as a go-between in a conflict between a kid and their parent.

They are not directly involved in a situation, but they know the people, and can separately get the details to try to suss out what is really going on.

Many a problem between parent and kid has been solved by a compassionate aunt.

10. A Different Type of Role Model

Kids have all sorts of role models like sports stars and celebrities, but an aunt is a different type of role model. She is a real person a kid can look up to for an example of how to be a good person as an adult.

11. A Fun Vacation Destination

Some aunts love to have their nieces and nephews (and their parents) over for a visit for just a day or even a week. Everyone can have a fun family time.

When kids are old enough, in their later teens, they can feel independent and go to visit auntie by themselves!

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