This Is How Your Aura Affects Those Around You

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Your aura is the natural energy field which emanates from your physical form. Every plant and animal has an aura, and each one is as unique as a fingerprint. The aura isn’t simply something that exists, however. It serves a purpose. It can protect you and give you insight into those around you.

All told, your aura extends about three feet out from your physical form. When you go through traumatic, emotional, or extremely inspiring experiences, your aura can actually balloon outward up to 20 feet! If you happen to be in a crowd of uplifted people, that’s a lot of aura intermingling happening. When your auric field passes by another, they can connect and trade energy.

The energy from your aura may join theirs and vice versa. You get a little bit of their energy and they get some of yours. As a result, some of your emotions rub off on them, and you get some of theirs as well.

As an example, I once had a profound experience with an older homeless woman. While walking home from lunch, leftovers in hand, she asked for a dollar to get some food. I didn’t have any cash on me, but I asked if she’d like to have my leftovers. She graciously accepted. As I handed it to her, my whole vibe changed. As I continued walking, all I could think of was the pain of going hungry. All I could think of was how angry I was that this is how America treats its seniors.

Her energy, her experience, joined mine, and her aura actually overtook my energy a bit. From the trauma of life on the streets, her aura likely extended far far outside of three feet. One thing is for sure. You can hide your feelings, but you cannot hide your aura. So when you’re out and about, put a smile on your face. Look up at the sky. Be grateful for what you have in life.

Raise your vibrations and let your aura rub good vibes off on everyone.