Aura Colors And What They Mean For The Soul

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If you’ve ever had the experience of meeting someone new and instantly not clicking with them, then you already experienced firsthand how people have inexplicable energies that they put off. These energies (or vibes, whichever you prefer) make an immediate, lasting impression and are often influenced by our actions and general personality.

Our auras also play a hand in peoples’ instant perceptions of us, as each color has intrinsic traits that can be read by people who know what they’re looking for.

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The Energy Around You

Every human has an aura, which is a field of energy surrounding a person or object. It is believed that the aura holds information about a person’s thoughts, feelings, and general energy. It manifests as a color that’s usually imperceptible to the human eye, but not only are there some who can see them clearly, there are ways everyone can practice to increase their aura viewing ability.

A man sitting on a beach with a colorful aura glowing around him.
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Auras can consist of a single color or a combination of colors. Knowing the color of your aura can help you understand yourself on a spiritual level and gain insight into your well-being.

How To Read Your Aura

The at-home methods of reading your own aura take practice, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. They largely involve letting your eyes unfocus and your mind untether so you can tap into the energies that surround all of us. You can do this by holding your hand out in front of you or looking at yourself in a mirror, preferably against a white background, so you can pick up the colors easier.

A blurry photo of someone through a window. The sunlight is casting a yellow aura around their silhouette.
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As mentioned, let your eyes unfocus and try not to focus too hard on picking up your aura. It will show itself to you when you’re ready. When it does appear, it will look like a blurry glow terminating from your head or your hand, whichever you’re looking at. This could take not only a few tries but also a good amount of staring! It’s not always a quick process. Or, you could always get an actual aura reader to do it for you.

Once you know what color your aura is, you can learn what it means!


Having a red aura signifies strength, passion, and ambition. It often reflects a fiery, determined, and brave spirit. Those with red auras are typically independent and focused individuals who are driven to be successful. They are often audacious risk-takers and thrive on new challenges.

Red leaves on a tree as seen from under the branches.
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They continually strive for achievement and refuse to accept defeat. They can also be impulsive and have outbursts of anger, but with proper management and channeling, this energy can fuel transformative growth.


Orange auras symbolize creativity and spontaneity. People with an orange aura tend to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and independent. They are often natural-born leaders who are confident and strong-willed, and they enjoy taking risks or embracing change. People with an orange aura tend to be highly creative and naturally gifted in areas such as music, art, and engineering.

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With a positive attitude and enthusiastic outlook, they are able to have an impact on the world. They can take their creative mind and apply it to any situation, making them extremely adaptable!


Having a yellow aura symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. Those with a yellow aura tend to be analytical thinkers and are driven to understand the universe. They often fall into teacher roles, gifted in fields such as philosophy, science, and mathematics. With their quick wit and ability to think logically, they are well-suited to problem-solving.

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Additionally, they have a strong desire to help others and often provide valuable advice that can be beneficial to people. Yellow auras are valuable in society and bring much knowledge to the world.


Green auras symbolize compassion, healing, and a strong connection to nature and the environment. Those with a green aura tend to be nurturing and understanding and often enjoy being of service to others. They take joy in helping those in need and often find peace in the natural world. Green auras are often highly intuitive and have an innate understanding and connection to the spiritual realm.

Rolling green hills.
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They’re patient and thoughtful, often taking the time to deeply analyze situations before acting. With their calming presence, they bring balance and healing to their environment.


A blue aura is believed to indicate a person who is a deep thinker, one who is spiritual, intuitive, and sensitive. They are often creative and have strong communication skills. They are patient and compassionate but also appear wise and calm and can easily develop deep connections with people.

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Blue auras draw on the emotions of hope, joy, and love to fuel themselves, and they generally strive to make the world a better place. They are idealistic, generous, and have strong feelings of sympathy and understanding.


Having an indigo aura is thought to indicate a person who is highly intuitive and determined, with a strong sense of truth and justice. They are often excellent problem-solvers who deeply understand the hidden messages in the world. They are highly connected to their spiritual selves and can be trusted to make sound decisions, meaning many turn to them for sage advice.

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People with indigo auras are often highly creative and independent. They are passionate about achieving goals and strive to make the world more peaceful and harmonious.


Having a pink aura means being fueled by, and being in touch with, unconditional love. This means being open to giving and receiving love, even when it isn’t asked for or expected. A pink aura will give off feelings of joy and peacefulness, with its owner being thought of as someone deeply empathetic and caring.

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It is also associated with forgiveness, nurturing, and compassion, and someone with a pink aura is often seen as the emotional anchor of their friends and family.


Having a white aura means that you possess a peaceful, pure, and open heart. You are highly intuitive, wise, compassionate, and accepting of others regardless of their differences. You are driven by your desire to help others and make the world a better place. People with white auras have an open and accepting attitude toward life.

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They have an innate wisdom and understanding of spiritual matters, as well as a strong connection to the spiritual world. Through their white aura, people often find a greater purpose in life and use their guidance to inspire others to do the same.


Having a black aura means having intense energy emanating outward. Generally, a black aura is associated with insecurity, negativity, and depression, but it’s not inherently indicative of those things. It can also indicate a deep spiritual state of inner contemplation or a desire to escape from the outside world or reflect a sense of protection and secrecy, creating an impenetrable boundary around the person.

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Those possessing a black aura are unafraid to defend those they love or those in need. Having a black aura also suggests a journey for the person it surrounds, one that evokes deep transformation and positive change.

Your Aura’s Power

Auras are an incredible resource for self-discovery and growth. By taking time to observe our own aura, we can gain insights into our energy, emotions, and well-being. We can learn to understand how our thoughts, words, and actions interact with the world around us and how by shifting our perspective, we can positively change our personal energy.

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By recognizing and harnessing the power of the aura, we can really open ourselves up to a world of self-knowledge and healing.

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