6 Common Habits Of Unhappy People That Everyone Should Avoid

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Happiness can be a complex, hard-to-figure-out emotion. It’s something we all want for ourselves, yet so often we find ourselves struggling to find it. When I was in high school, I was a really happy kid.

In college, I wasn’t as happy, but I was okay. After college, I was depressed and hating life–so much so, that I vowed if I ever found happiness again, I would never let go of it.

Much of one’s happiness lies in the habits they choose to do each and every day.

Here are six habits that unhappy people often exhibit in their lives, and what we can do to prevent doing them ourselves:

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Constant complaining

A woman complaining while her friend listens.
Pexels / Keira Burton
Pexels / Keira Burton

When we complain about something, we’re just wasting energy. Energy that could be spent on actively trying to make your life better. Instead of complaining, realize that you (and you alone) are accountable and responsible for your life.

No one ever said life was fair, so complaining is worthless. Just keep your head up and do your best to move forward.