Baby With Down Syndrome Gets Rejected 20 Times Until Fate Leads Her To An Unlikely Match

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The universe has a plan in store for us all. In its divine timing, a higher power sends human beings who know exactly what we need when we are prepared to receive it.

Sometimes, it may feel like life is not going according to plan. Or, you may want something so badly but can’t seem to accomplish it. Well, one specific man felt the same. He had no idea that somewhere out there an innocent baby was also just wishing for someone to accept. Their story inspires us all to trust in the work of the universe …

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Meet Luca Trapanese

Luca Trapanese is an inspiration to the world, bringing out the goodness in humans with each person he encounters. Being a devoted Catholic but a homosexual man in Italy, this individual has faced a lifetime of breaking stereotypes and leading a path of fairness for all.

A father with his daughter on his back
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

Luca has had many goals but has faced obstacles and challenges along the way to success. Yet, he never let life bring him down. From this man, we can learn that when we believe in ourselves and know what we want, anything is possible.