Baby With Down Syndrome Gets Rejected 20 Times Until Fate Leads Her To An Unlikely Match

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The universe has a plan in store for us all. In its divine timing, a higher power sends human beings who know exactly what we need when we are prepared to receive it.

Sometimes, it may feel like life is not going according to plan. Or, you may want something so badly but can’t seem to accomplish it. Well, one specific man felt the same. He had no idea that somewhere out there an innocent baby was also just wishing for someone to accept. Their story inspires us all to trust in the work of the universe …

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Meet Luca Trapanese

Luca Trapanese is an inspiration to the world, bringing out the goodness in humans with each person he encounters. Being a devoted Catholic but a homosexual man in Italy, this individual has faced a lifetime of breaking stereotypes and leading a path of fairness for all.

A father with his daughter on his back
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

Luca has had many goals but has faced obstacles and challenges along the way to success. Yet, he never let life bring him down. From this man, we can learn that when we believe in ourselves and know what we want, anything is possible.

Left On The Outside

Luca spent years volunteering with the Catholic church and working to become a priest. However, his life shifted gears when he met the love of his life and entered a same-sex partnership.

A shadow of two men walking hand in hand
Robert V. Ruggiero / Unsplash
Robert V. Ruggiero / Unsplash

Despite his faith opposing the idea of homosexuality, Luca stayed loyal to both his lover and his spiritual beliefs. The two shared a goal of being parents to children in need, as they shared the same life passions of helping the less fortunate.

A Helping Hand

When Luca was only 14 years old, he already desired to be a helping hand to those in need. When his friend Diego suffered from a painful battle with terminal cancer, he was the guardian angel by his side throughout the fight.

seTwo hands reaching for each other with a white background
Sebastian Dumitru / Unsplash
Sebastian Dumitru / Unsplash

Seeing someone that he cared about suffer from an illness set Luca’s future in motion. “I decided to never leave his side … I would just always be there for him when he needed me … Diego’s death left me with a profound awareness of what living with an illness meant.” This was not Luca’s last heroic moment, but the first of many.

A Call That Changed Everything

Although Luca represents a good person’s selflessness and compassionate nature, life still throws him as much hardship as the next person. When Luca and his partner parted ways, he was left feeling like it was impossible to reach his goal of becoming a father.

A man and infant sleeping
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

Although his status as a gay, single parent seemed like an unlikely candidate for adoption, Luca’s story proves that, in fact, miracles do happen: “In July 2017, I got a phone call from the Tribunal. They said they had a baby girl for me.”

A Baby Looking For Hope

Somewhere in the same world a baby girl born was born with down syndrome. Her illness had outcasted her before she was even old enough to understand her place in the world. She was put up for adoption right after birth because of her health and was rejected by 20 families. No one wanted to deal with the obstacles they foresaw with having to give the little girl extra care.

A father and baby girl sleeping side by side on a bed
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

This was the baby that Luca was given as his only option. He had two choices. He could be that baby’s 21st rejection, as to avoid adding obstacles to his already challenging life. Or he could accept that this baby was brought to him as an act of fate.

Meeting Alba

With his giant heart and love for all, he knew he was destined to receive the gift of a unique child. Their first meeting felt like an act of fate: “When I first held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her dad.” Looking back on the circumstances of Luca’s life, it’s believed that the sadness and challenges he faced prepared him for the greatest gift of all. When his spirit guides granted him the opportunity to be a father, Luca appreciated any chance he got.

A little girl with down syndrome smiling at the camera
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

Alba became Luca’s adopted child. They instantly knew they were a match made from heaven. Delighted to be together, theyspent their first few days basking in the happiness with only each other. Alba’s welcome home party was full of love, smiles, and laughter, celebrating the miracle of this special little girl.

The beginning Of Fatherhood

Alba found her forever home at just 30 days old and is now years later the happiest little girl. A family made up of a single parent and a child with down syndrome sounds like a challenge to an outsider, but for this small family, it is happiness. “I am made to be a father! … I am very happy.”

A daughter and father sitting on a bed smiling.
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

While the pair has faced many ups and downs like the rest of us, the love they share is always the sun on a cloudy day. When Alba first called Luca “Dad”, he felt that the universe conspired just for them.

Life Together

As Alba continues to grow up, she inspires Luca more and more. Born an underdog that felt abandoned, each day is a small miracle for these two. To no surprise, Luca’s new mission is to break the boundaries and stereotypes for children and people who live as handicapped.

 Selfie of a father and daughter
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

Luca has recently published a book, “We Will Amaze You With Special Flaws.” Through his work and life, he hopes to set an example for adoptive parents and all humans, in general, to love with their hearts wide open.

Lessons To Learn

Life can sometimes be tough, but human beings are so much tougher. Every now and then, the universe throws an obstacle our way, blocking us from everything we desire. While these challenges can sometimes feel like punishments, there are lessons and reasons for the burden.

A photo of a father and baby girl on a beach.
trapaluca / Instagram
trapaluca / Instagram

This story about a father-daughter duo written in the stars helps us to believe that everything happens for a reason. For every setback we face, there is always something even bigger in store.

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