Bad Things Don’t Happen To Good People, They Create Good People

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1. Accidents reinvent good people.

When faced with strife, good people reinvent themselves. Accidents and major problems in life help good people develop into even better people. If everything was fine, if the world were a utopia, no one would develop any character.

2. Rejection makes good people grateful for what they have.

You might not have gotten that promotion at work, that new job, or the date you were hoping for, but rejection makes good people think hard about their lives and be grateful for what they have.

3. Toxic relationships make good people immune to toxic relationships.

A shit relationship is like an immunization for more shit relationships. Once they’ve gone through it once, a good person knows the red flags to look for and is able to avoid toxic relationships in the future.

4. Failure is a motivator for good people.

For some, failure is enough to make you give up. But good people are able to learn from their failures and be better people for it. Failure motivates them to get to the finish line.

5. Good people don’t let losing stop them.

They tend to be undeterred, even when they’ve suffered big losses. Those losses have a lot to teach. There’s no giving up.

6. Suffering teaches good people what’s worth fighting for.

I once lived in poverty. I don’t anymore. But suffering through poverty gave me a mission in life: end poverty for everyone. I’m not going to pull some “I got mine” bullshit. It’s important to let your suffering teach you what’s worth fighting for.

7. Being alone helps good people figure out who they are.

Some people can’t stand being alone, but it can be important for the development of an individual to spend time alone.

8. Breakups help good people find someone better.

I think all relationships have a purpose in your life, even the not so good ones. Partners that didn’t work out help teach you what to look for in someone who is more likely to be the one for you.

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