This Woman Is Building Stunning Sustainable Homes From Bamboo

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Laura Hardy grew up in Bali, an island province of Indonesia. She would eventually leave to take a job with Donna Karan in New York, designing chic homes in the rainforest. Even with a dream job, she couldn’t ever forget her home.

So she quit to pursue the dream of building super sustainable homes out of bamboo that embody life in Bali.

“It makes it feel like its growing around you,” says Hardy about her homes. “We decided we´re gonna make a stand, we´re gonna do this out of materials we feel really good about.”The buildings are designed to have few walls or windows while maintaining aesthetic beauty as well as versatility. Bamboo is used for everything from beams to floors to the furniture inside. Bamboo is considered a renewable resource with some strains of bamboo growing 20 or more feet a year.

Check out her sustainable bamboo homes. My favorite is the lotus flower home!