Bartender Accidentally Outs Cheating Husband Because Of Her Poor Eyesight

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A bartender job is quite unique. You become basically a fly on the wall in all kinds of people’s lives and witness all sorts of scenarios, sometimes happy ones like declarations of love, and other times not-so-good ones like bar fights and cheating scandals. Bartenders always have stories to tell with tells about their unique encounters.

One bartender in particular, however, may have completely ruined three people’s lives when she forgot to bring her eyeglasses to work one day and let her poor eyesight cloud her judgment. This is how she accidentally outed a cheating husband, making everyone question, if you were being cheated on, would you want to know?

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Every Day, At The Same Time

Cayley Yanko, a young bartender in Texas, has made videos on her TikTok account to tell the tales of some of the fascinating encounters she has on the job. She explains that she has witnessed all kinds of love and adultery stories.

man-and-woman-dining at restaurant
Andie Venzl / Pexels
Andie Venzl / Pexels

One particular couple stood out to her. She recalls one man would come in every Wednesday at exactly 4:45 pm. Ten minutes later, a woman would walk in and sit with him. He would always order a margarita, and she would always get a glass of Cabernet. They quickly became regulars.

The Signs Of An Affair

To strangers, the man and the woman may have looked like an ordinary couple. But Cayley, was experienced in recognizing the signs of cheating: “It became very apparent to me that these people were having an affair after quite some time,” @imacayk explained. “They both wore wedding rings, and they both exclusively told me that they were each other’s friend.”

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Cayley was able to pick that the man and woman were meeting up secretly. However, they continued to come in at the same time every Wednesday for months.

The Moral Dilemma

Cayley’s conscious was conflicted. On the one hand, she felt that adultery was wrong, but on the other, she knew that her personal beliefs had nothing to do with her professional expectations: “my job is to pour drinks and serve them,” says Cayley. The man and woman continued to go to the restaurant for several months, but one day something happened.

Tik Tok screenshot of the bartender
IMACAYK / Tiktok
IMACAYK / Tiktok

Cayley explains that during their secret meeting this time, the man left early while the woman stayed behind. Cayley went over to the woman and asked her if she wanted another drink.

Trouble In Paradise

Cayley didn’t necessarily have any expectations when she approached the woman, but she must have been curious, at the least. They started speaking, and it became clear during their conversation that the man and the woman were in the middle of a fight. That explained why the man had gotten up and left so abruptly.

Chan Walrus / Pexels
Chan Walrus / Pexels

When Cayley asked the woman if she wanted another drink, she said yes and went on to explain that she was in the middle of a divorce with her husband and that the man that was with her at the bar was her long time friend that was helping her with the finances.

Unrequited Love

The woman started to reveal more about the story. It turns out that she had known the man for a very long time as they were childhood friends. She admitted that she also had loved him for a long time.

Bess Hamiti / Pexels
Bess Hamiti / Pexels

As for the man, he had been going back and forth between leaving his wife and continuing the affair. It turns out that Cayley was right all along about the adultery. However, it seemed as though the woman’s feelings for the man weren’t reciprocated.

Jealousy Is The Enemy

While this woman had loved the man for years and was eagerly waiting for him to make a decision about his wife, that day, they had gotten over an argument. Much to Cayley’s surprise, the argument was actually about her!

bartender talk to tiktok
IMACAYK / Tiktok
IMACAYK / Tiktok

It turns out that the man had complimented the appearance of the bartender, and she suddenly got jealous. She made her disapproval apparent, and this angered the man and made him leave her being.

Leaving One For The Other

The woman sounded upset and it’s likely that her feelings of jealousy over Cayley were a projection of her insecurities and anxiety over the man’s inability to choose her over his wife.

Anna Kapustina / Pexels
Anna Kapustina / Pexels

After this encounter, Cayley said the man and the woman didn’t return to the bar for quite some time.

Back For More

Then one night, it seemed like that man and the woman had returned once more. Cayley recognized them right away and nodded to greet them as soon as she spotted them. The thing is, that day Cayley had forgotten her contacts, and her eyesight was poor. In her blurry vision, she assumed that this was the same woman that the man usually brought.

Cottonbro studio / Pexels
Cottonbro studio / Pexels

She describes that her hair color, figure, height, and everything were all about the same. The couple even walked to their usual table. So with the best intentions, she went over to take their drink order.

An Honest Mistake

Cayley innocently told the couple that she was glad to see them again and asked whether they’d like to order “their usual drinks.” To Cayley, these were her regular customers. “I’m glad to see you guys! Haven’t seen you for a long time! I believe, as always, Margarita & Don Julio and the cab for you? “she asked them.

Cottonbro studio / Pexels
Cottonbro studio / Pexels

However, the man didn’t seem to recognize her and acted as though he was meeting her for the very first time. The woman was also confused, looking at her with a mix of surprise and suspicion. The man muttered that his wife actually wanted a vodka soda.

Not A Happy Ending

Cayley was confused until her colleague notified her that she was a different woman. This was the man’s actual wife, not the woman he was meeting every Wednesday in secret.

Cayley was surprised. After all, the couple had sat at their usual table, and the women looked so similar. That’s how Cayley suddenly realized that she had just, completely accidentally destroyed these people’s lives… What a way for the wife to find out her husband’s been cheating!

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