Things You Do That Attract Toxic People

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I’ve reached a time in my life where I’ve found myself bizarrely trapped. It’s like I was a magnet, attracting toxic people. It’s like I’ve done something to invite them in, but I’m not sure what! In my experience, there are a handful of things you do that you don’t realize brings in negative Nancy types.

1. You’re good at listening.

Two women having a pleasant conversation.
Pexels / Anastasiya Gepp
Pexels / Anastasiya Gepp

99% of the time, being a good listener is awesome!

Unfortunately with manipulative and toxic people, they love a good listener. They know you to be a good listener and clamp on to you.

2. You make time for them.

Again, this seems like a habit that would make you an awesome friend! But toxic people do love having awesome friends.

If you keep making time for toxic people, they’re going to keep swarming you. Set boundaries and limit yourself.

3. You’re open with them.

You tell them your fears and hopes and dreams and goals. As a result, they may peg YOU as the one who’s too needy or toxic and put your down, discouraging you from your goals.

It’s a strange thing, but by planting seeds of fear in you, they’re able to do their thing.

4. You’re relaxed.

Relaxed, caring people are the most easy to take advantage of. If you’re someone who’s found inner peace, toxic people will come to you.

Especially if you aren’t especially aggressive. In weaker, more laid back moments, you’ll find yourself saying yes to things you never would.

5. You’re positive.

If you exude positive vibes, they’re going to come feed on that. If you feel great about humanity, they’ll stand in your blind spot and put you down or engage in unkind deeds.

Don’t look for an abusive situation in the making. Just be conscious.

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