7 Universal Themes To Avoid In Your Life

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What makes a person resilient? How does anyone come through the fires of adversity a stronger, more driven version of themselves?

Each person’s life has a different path than their neighbors, so the answer can sometimes be long-winded.

Besides pinpointing and nurturing internal formations, it helps to be discriminating in how or who they allow to influence them.

A beautiful flower needs fertile soil and to not be invaded by predators and parasites.

There are people and situations that are very much like spiritual pests and predators. Below are listed major elements to avoid. Circumnavigating these will save you time and suffering.

Life isn’t only about recovering from bad situations.

Giving Up

Someone's hand reaching out forward.
Unsplash / Bohdan Pyryn
Unsplash / Bohdan Pyryn

A person shouldn’t be judged on how they behave when everything is working out and going well. They should be measured by how they proceed when everything is against them.

How we handle suffering defines who we are as people and giving up is the worst option.

Any self-reliant and capable person has had to learn this and won’t allow someone to drag them down with their inaction or pity party.