Be Your Own Palm Reader And Find Out What Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality

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Do you ever wonder why do people behave the way they do? How come you’re a prisoner to your overwhelming emotions while others seem to live without a care in the world. Is the reason some people are wired differently a cause of their experiences and they’re upbringing or was it engraved in their identity from the moment that they were born?

Well, it turns out that your hands might hold a lot of the see answers. Part of your story is written all over you. The lines on your hand, the size of your hand, and even its skin structure hold the code to your personality. Here’s how to read it t at home. All you need is your own hand.

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Your skin structure

two hands of different skin tones link fingers

Womanizer Toys / Unsplash

Womanizer Toys / Unsplash

Some people have a naturally rough skin like they’ve been working manual labor their whole lives. The skin on their hands is often dry and chapped no matter how much they moisturize them. These people tend to have tough skins on the inside them too. They’re not easily shaken and they’re go-getters who won’t easily give up. They have fierce strong personalities that sometimes make them stubborn but help them succeed.

Those with a normal skin structure without doing much to get it that way are quite balanced people. They’re quite empathetic but not overly emotional. They work hard but they also need their fun time. They’re hard to read because sometimes they’re hot and other times they’re cold.

Those with a delicate skin structure are just as sensitive as their exterior. They are quite sensitive to external vibrations and frequencies. They are extremely empathetic and nurturing beings. They easily get along with people and attract others. They have a warm aura.