Be Your Own Palm Reader And Find Out What Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality

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Do you ever wonder why do people behave the way they do? How come you’re a prisoner to your overwhelming emotions while others seem to live without a care in the world. Is the reason some people are wired differently a cause of their experiences and they’re upbringing or was it engraved in their identity from the moment that they were born?

Well, it turns out that your hands might hold a lot of the see answers. Part of your story is written all over you. The lines on your hand, the size of your hand, and even its skin structure hold the code to your personality. Here’s how to read it t at home. All you need is your own hand.

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Your skin structure

two hands of different skin tones link fingers

Womanizer Toys / Unsplash

Womanizer Toys / Unsplash

Some people have a naturally rough skin like they’ve been working manual labor their whole lives. The skin on their hands is often dry and chapped no matter how much they moisturize them. These people tend to have tough skins on the inside them too. They’re not easily shaken and they’re go-getters who won’t easily give up. They have fierce strong personalities that sometimes make them stubborn but help them succeed.

Those with a normal skin structure without doing much to get it that way are quite balanced people. They’re quite empathetic but not overly emotional. They work hard but they also need their fun time. They’re hard to read because sometimes they’re hot and other times they’re cold.

Those with a delicate skin structure are just as sensitive as their exterior. They are quite sensitive to external vibrations and frequencies. They are extremely empathetic and nurturing beings. They easily get along with people and attract others. They have a warm aura.

The Size Of Your Hand

two hands side by side and open

Luis Quintero / Unsplash

Luis Quintero / Unsplash

Do you have relatively small or big hands? People with big hands love a sociable and luxurious lifestyle. They crave to live life to the fullest. They have big personalities, big visions, and a big heart but they’re also quite versatile.

People with small hands are quick on their feet and sometimes have a short temper. They’re quite witty but also kind of closed off. They open up to only a trusted few. They can be blunt when they just mean to be honest. However, it’s their restless being that pushes them to be proactive and rational.

People with midsize hands have a clam nature. They’re quite balanced in their beings. They love to hold conversations and they’re analytic about life. They are intuitive and often find themselves longing for spirituality.

The Length Of Your Fingers

length of fingers drawing

The length of your fingers can also reveal your personality, If the top of your pinkie finger stops right at the beginning line of the top joint of your ring finger, you have an evenly placed pinkie and are type A. Type A personalities are a bit reserved and tend to be closed off and introverted. You do not open up to other people easily, even with the people closest to you, and especially not to strangers.

If your pinky extends past the top joint line of your ring finger, you have a long pinkie, and are type B. Type B’s are very loyal to their friends, and also highly sensitive people. When you love someone, you give them your all and are loyal to a fault. You’re easily capable of forming meaningful connections.

If the tip-off of your pinkie doesn’t reach the line of your top ring finger joint, you’re type C. Type C’s are optimistic, lively personalities. You tend to forgive and forget easily, sometimes to a fault, because of your inability to hold onto anger. Your excess energy may cause you to seem self-centered, and at times demanding. Despite presenting a bubbly exterior to the world, you keep your true emotions closely held.


skeletal phallanges hand

R & A Studio / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

R & A Studio / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The length of your phalanges reveals whether you’re an emotional, a rational, or a physical person.

If your upper phalanx is longer than the middle and lower one, then you’re likely to be quite in tune with your emotions. It can make you sensitive but you tend to prefer to think with your heart over logic and are able to take rewarding risks. You live life by your own rules. These people are creative, spontaneous, and inspiring.

More rational ad logic-oriented people tend to have a long lower phalanx. They like to be challenged and don’t want to feel like they wasted their whole lives. This makes them proactive and encourages them to actually act on their plans instead of just hoping for change

Those with the longest lower phalanx are able to live in the moment. They are focused on their actions which helps them stay grounded. They don’t worry too much about what’s next and are able to enjoy each passing moment.

Which Finger Stands Out Most?

woman holding string lights in her hands

Yason Hinrichsen / Unsplash

Yason Hinrichsen / Unsplash

When you look at your hand which finger stands out the most? Look closely you’ll notice that even fingers have their own personalities. If your thumb sticks out most then you likely have a lot of willpower that keeps you focused on your goals.

If it is your index finger then you’re likely to be spiritually oriented. You’re quite in tune with your own emotions and your self-awareness makes you constantly want to grow and experience everything that the world has to offer.

If you notice your middle finger then you’re likely to thrive on organization and structure. You like having rules and are able to take responsibility for yourself and to learn from your mistakes.

If it is your ring finger then you’re the kind of person who loves love. You’re full of life and your positive energy radiates to those around you. You’re able to appreciate life but want to feel like you’re actually alive, not just living.

If you notice your pink finger then you’re likely a creative person who relies on self-expression. You have your own way of communication, which is often done through artistic outlets.

The Flexibity Of Your Hand

palm opening in the direction of the sunlight

Todd Rhines / Unsplash

Todd Rhines / Unsplash

The amount of flexibility your hands hold can hold revealing information. If your hands move easily then you’re probably a do-er. You use your hands a lot. You’re likely the kind of person who gives in easily and has a hard time saying no so you find yourself often agreeing to more favors than you can handle.

Which one is more flexible also depends on your lifestyle. Your left hand represents your private life, while the right one represents work. That means that if your left hand is more bendable than you’re private life then in your work life.

The Lines On Your Hand

hands with lines drawn on them

Pixel Shot / Canva Pro

Pixel Shot / Canva Pro

Now finally, look at the lines on your hand. While each line has its own significance, just look to see how many lines you have. If you have many lines then you likely are the kind that is all over the place. Your world feels a little chaotic and sometimes you lose control. Your mind is often racing. and you easily take on the stress and feel overwhelmed by it.

If you only have a few lines, then your life feels quiet. You have your routines and lifestyle and you’re comfortable in it. You stick to your own opinions and aren’t easily influenced by others.

For A Personalized Reading

woman pointing to line on palm

Seemanta Dutta / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Seemanta Dutta / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

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