Beautiful Has Nothing To Do With Looks

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Many people believe that the key to a woman’s beauty is in makeup. The truth is, beauty isn’t in eye shadow or lip gloss. There are other factors involved.

1. Her passion.

A woman standing in a snow-covered forest, reading a book.
Pexels / George Milton
Pexels / George Milton

Anyone without passion is dull, and that goes for women too. Life can get hectic and it can be hard to slow down and find time for the things we enjoy, but a woman who takes time to follow her passion is truly beautiful.

2. Her mind.

They say beautiful women are never smart. I say the only women who are beautiful are intelligent women.

If a woman never takes the time to cultivate her mind, it’s not a good thing. We should all be taking time to figure ourselves and the world around us out.

3. Her resilience.

A woman who can stand on her own and refuses to give up is a beautiful woman.

There are women (and men too, really) who seek our partners that will help hold them up, emotionally or financially. But beautiful women are resilient and don’t need that.

4. Her Spirit.

It’s no fun being around a Debbie Downer. I think we can all agree that we don’t like to be around mopes. Women with downer spirits just aren’t as beautiful as women who love to have fun. Women with fun loving spirits are beautiful.

5. Her Confidence.

The most beautiful quality of all. A woman with the confidence to walk tall in this male-dominated world is a beautiful woman. Confidence at home, at work, and everywhere in between is something all people of all genders should do their best to live.

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