Beautiful Reminders Of The Past That Is Overshadowed By The Fast-Paced Present

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Time comes and goes and before we know an entire lifetime passes us by. We don’t notice the changes in the moment until we look back and realize just how different things are now. The way we grew up isn’t even comparable to our children’s anymore. From the way we dress to our customs, standards, and way of living, so much has been re-adapted to the fast pace of the modern technological consumerist world. While each era has its pros and cons and we have made positive strides, let’s use the past as a reminder of the good things we should not forget within it either.

The following pictures are shared by a Sydney girl who has a passion for old pictures and their way of living. All Rights are reserved to their respective owners on her Instagram account that has gathered over 140 thousand followers.

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Being In Love Is Timeless

man and woman take protrait photos laughing

asliceofhistory / Instagram

asliceofhistory / Instagram

This is not a photo booth effect but in fact, a Victorian couple trying not to laugh while getting their portraits done in 1980. There is a professional photographer with a whole bunch of complicated equipment standing behind the scenes that’s probably running out of patience as he attempts to capture the traditional professional non-smiling portrait of the couple.

However, there’s something endearing about all the fail attempts. They’re not posing or trying to capture the perfect angle to sell some ideal and post a fake representation of reality on social media. They’re simply in love and living in a moment that happened to be beautifully captured.