Beautiful Reminders Of The Past That Is Overshadowed By The Fast-Paced Present

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Time comes and goes and before we know an entire lifetime passes us by. We don’t notice the changes in the moment until we look back and realize just how different things are now. The way we grew up isn’t even comparable to our children’s anymore. From the way we dress to our customs, standards, and way of living, so much has been re-adapted to the fast pace of the modern technological consumerist world. While each era has its pros and cons and we have made positive strides, let’s use the past as a reminder of the good things we should not forget within it either.

The following pictures are shared by a Sydney girl who has a passion for old pictures and their way of living. All Rights are reserved to their respective owners on her Instagram account that has gathered over 140 thousand followers.

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Being In Love Is Timeless

man and woman take protrait photos laughing

asliceofhistory / Instagram

asliceofhistory / Instagram

This is not a photo booth effect but in fact, a Victorian couple trying not to laugh while getting their portraits done in 1980. There is a professional photographer with a whole bunch of complicated equipment standing behind the scenes that’s probably running out of patience as he attempts to capture the traditional professional non-smiling portrait of the couple.

However, there’s something endearing about all the fail attempts. They’re not posing or trying to capture the perfect angle to sell some ideal and post a fake representation of reality on social media. They’re simply in love and living in a moment that happened to be beautifully captured.

Even Pain Is Unity

Three Jewish Men Who Arrived At Auschwitz On The Same Day show their arms

asliceofhistory / Instagram (Photograph taken at the Late Eye Witness Project, 2019)

asliceofhistory / Instagram (Photograph taken at the Late Eye Witness Project, 2019)

To know pain is not to be a miserable man but to know the true value of happiness and to be able to find it anywhere. The proof is these three Jewish Men who arrived at Auschwitz on the same day, and who likely experienced unimaginable suffering, But when they reunited 73 years later, there was nothing but a bright smile on their faces. They didn’t let their tragedy define their lives.

They survived and went on to build families, successful businesses, and live prosperous lives. Their Tattoos, which are only 10 numbers apart are a symbol of their strength, perseverance, and the remarkable lives all three of them have led.

Celebrating Success

Nasa’s Lead Software Engineer For The Apollo Program Margaret Hamilton, Stands Beside Her Hand Written Code That Sky-Rocketed Humanity To The Moo

asliceofhistory / Instagram

asliceofhistory / Instagram

This is Nasa’s lead software engineer for The Apollo Program, Margaret Hamilton, as she stands proudly beside the pages upon pages of the code she carefully hand-wrote. This is the very same code that paved the way in astronomical science and allowed humanity to skyrocket to the moon. The photo was taken in 1969, an era when women were still not taken seriously in academics, let alone science.

It didn’t matter if she was wearing a dress, her incredible intellect allowed her to mark history. She is just one of many women who showed that with hard work and determination we’re all capable of reaching unimaginable heights until we make it to our utmost potential.

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Beauty Is On The Inside

Sophia Loren in lingerie playing with her hair

asliceofhistory / Instagram

asliceofhistory / Instagram

Today fashion changes by the season and along with it come new beauty standards, untenable ideals, diet trends, and restrictions. While the fashion today is nothing like it was in 1965, when this photo of Sophia Loren was taken, one thing has remained constant in the standard for women’s beauty: the thinner the better. Women have always been conditioned to squeeze in their stomachs, show off a small waist, and starve themselves if they have to in the process in order to be desirable.

Sophia on the other hand embodied beauty in her own way and said: “I’d Rather Eat Pasta And Drink Wine Than Be A Size 0,” and that’s exactly how life should be lived. What’s the point of being thin and unhappy or missing out on opportunities just to fit someone else’s ideal?

Before The Age Of Technology

father faints in front of nursey with nurses holding triplets

asliceofhistory / Instagram, New York, 1946. Photograph By Keystone-France

asliceofhistory / Instagram, New York, 1946. Photograph By Keystone-France

Before the age where all answers could be found on the internet, instant phone calls, and mothers detecting the gender of their babies long before their births, there was a time when people actually had to look page by page through books in the library, wait months for a letter to arrive to continue a conversation, and find out what kind of baby was coming out on the day of its birth.

That’s why this unsuspecting father had no idea that when his wife went in to give birth to their child, he’d be walking out with three of them. He immediately fainted. There was no way he was prepared for triple the finances, triple the space and triple the responsibility.

Defying All Odds

woman runs with men in marathon

asliceofhistory / Instagram, Boston, 1967. Photographs by Paul Connell.

asliceofhistory / Instagram, Boston, 1967. Photographs by Paul Connell.

“Marathon officials try to stop Katherine Switzer from competing In the All-Male Boston Marathon.” Katherine registered under the name ‘K.V. Switzer” so that no one could guess that she wasn’t a man. The marathon run became not only about reaching the finish line but outrunning the security team. She became the first woman to officially run the marathon, as she told Forbes ”I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I loved running and knew that for others who had run Boston, it was a great experience”

Let this be your reminder that sometimes rules are meant to be broken in order to make space for change and growth. Don’t get trapped simply following the norm and doing exactly what everyone else is doing as your risk living a stagnant life and getting stuck in a mundane routine. Don’t be afraid to set the example and think outside the box to stand up for your own wants and needs.

Be The Change You Want To See

woman walking through staring men in low back dress

| LA, 1957. Photographs by Ralph Crane // published by LIFE Magazine

| LA, 1957. Photographs by Ralph Crane // published by LIFE Magazine

Another example of a woman who defied society’s expectations and chose to live life by her own rules is Vikki Dougan, an American former model and actress who lived till she was 93. She walked through the streets Of Hollywood In What Was Identified As A “Daring” Backless Black Dress. These photographs, in addition to the various “scandalous’” back-bearing dresses she wore, awarded her the title “The Back” in the 1950s.

Was she judged? Probably! But was she happy? Her daring nature earned her success, fame, and a legacy! To find her purpose, she had to reach outside of the norm where everyone just blends in together.

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