5 Types Of People Worth Fighting To Keep In Your life

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One of the hardest parts of life is growing close to your excellent friends, only to move or fall out of contact. Sometimes you have to fight to keep your friends in your life. These are the people to fight for.

1. The uplifting friend.

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Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

This friend encourages you and gets you to take on the world in the way you should. They want you to know you have a big purpose in life. This friend may also be a soul mate in disguise.

2. The good listener.

We’ve all met someone who doesn’t listen, just waits for their turn to be listened to.

If you find a friend you can sit down with and have a real heart-to-heart, you’ve found a friend to keep around forever. They tend to be the best advice givers.

3. The generous friend.

You’ll probably have a lot of friends that don’t make time for you in their lives very often. Those friends are fine to keep around if you can but not worth fighting for.

The friend you really want to have is the generous one, the one who always finds time, the one who always helps in your time of need.

4. The dreamer.

This is the friend who wants to take on the world, to reach people, and to make things better everywhere. They’re great to keep in your life if you’re looking to stay connected and hitch your wagon to something big.

5. The honest friend.

This may be the most important of the bunch: the honest friend is there to give it to you straight.

They might see things that you can’t, but it’s important to remember that you’re in charge of your life. The honest friend can take on a bullying or controlling role if left unchecked.

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