8 Differences Between Mature And Immature Relationships

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Here are the eight differences…

1. Immature relationships leave unanswered questions in their wake.

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Pexels / Darina Belonogova
Pexels / Darina Belonogova

But mature relationships don’t ask them in the first place. “Is she faithful? Does he love me? How long will we be together?”

A mature relationship doesn’t require this kind of validation. There’s trust, comfort, and security in them.

2. Immature relationships are often missing something.

But mature relationships feel complete. There isn’t the feeling of something missing at all. There is no void to fill, no empty spaces to patch up.

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3. Immature relationships often exist to “complete” one another.

But in mature relationships, all parties involved are already complete. They don’t need to be completed at all. There isn’t an attribute found in one but not the other.

And if there is, it doesn’t matter in the relationship.

4. Immature relationships peter out.

Mature relationships are strong as long as they last. It may seem like a “normal” relationship thing for the two to grow distant from one another, but that’s not really normal.

The love and passion should be just as alive as the day you found it.

5. Immature relationships seek proxies for fights.

Mature relationships don’t use text messages or other people to send messages. They don’t bicker over screens. The argument itself needs to be face to face.

They need to be able to hug and kiss when it’s done. They need to fully experience one another and the pain or dissatisfaction they’ve been putting up with.

6. Immature relationships find themselves being threatened by outside factors.

Mature relationships are strong, inside and out. No one comes between people in a mature relationship. They’re as sturdy as a redwood and tougher than diamonds.

7. Immature relationships function in timelines.

Mature relationships aren’t preoccupied with when moving in together should happen. Proposals come on their own time. The length of an engagement is up to them.

There are no cultural norms that force their way into a mature relationship. They don’t need it.

8. Immature relationships focus on your past.

But a mature relationship doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what happened to you in the past. Your partner won’t care where you’ve been or who you’ve been with.

All that matters is the here and now.

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