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Woman discovered "thousands of bedbugs" on her bus seat

The City of Brotherly Love has a lot to be proud of. Philadelphia is an epicenter for art, music, and fun. They've been doing quite well in the world of sports as well.

The city has a special charm that makes it such a beloved location in the United States.

However, disgusting footage captured by Crystal Lopez shows that one of the number 26 buses in Philadelphia is suffering from a terrible bed bug infestation.

Check out the video below, but be warned, seeing these types of bugs in a public place may leave some viewers disturbed and cringing!

The footage was filmed recently and Crystal Lopez elaborated on her experience:

"I was on the 26 bus and was on my way to Bridge St to board the 56 bus when I started feeling A burning itching sensation throughout my entire left arm the next thing you know I look and it's over a thousand bed bugs and I get up and quickly notify the driver and she pulled the bus over, letting everyone off. As we waited for the supervisor I also caught a very bad allergic reaction."

This type of bug infestation is absolutely unacceptable, especially on public transportation! Who knows how many homes were infected.

Thankfully, bed bugs don't carry diseases, but their bites can be very painful and the bugs themselves can be challenging to get rid of.

Once they have take hold in the home, usually professionals are required to remove the infestation. Let's hope that this issue was taken care of quickly and the residents of Philly don't need to worry!

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