5 Signs That You’re A Dreamer

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1. You put tasks off until you’re inspired.

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Pexels / Andre Furtado
Pexels / Andre Furtado

Some may despise you for your procrastination, and there are times when procrastinating is a not-so-good thing to do, but could it be that you thrive off of inspiration instead of obligation?

Evaluate this the next time you’re feeling like putting something off. Most times, inspiration knows a lot more about what we can accomplish than what we do.

If you tend to really rock and roll when inspired, it could be that you’re intended for big things.

2. You think the 9-5 grind is insane.

Deep down, even as a kid, seeing an adult throw on a suit and head off to work seemed kinda crazy. It struck you that humans must be meant for more than the cookie-cutter existence.

Now as an adult, you’re doing your best to break the mold.

3. You feel free doing what you do.

You know what your time’s value is, and that value is happiness. If you aren’t happy, it isn’t worth doing. You realize your purpose is something much larger than to go out and make a buck.

4. You’re an idealist through and through.

The world is not at its best right now. That much is for sure. You don’t care how unrealistic your ideas may seem to the standard person: the best is only good enough for you.

You want to see the world’s problems solved at all costs.

5. You have too many ideas and it pisses you off.

You’ve got a head full of ideas that are driving you insane, right? I get that.

You’ve got too many ideas to know what to do with. Don’t let too much going on in your head derail what you’re doing though.

Write it all down and pick maybe 3 or 4 things to pursue with all your energy. Don’t throw out the old ideas. Keep them around just in case.

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