Being Raised Right

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As we grow up, we start to realize that there were many critical moments in our childhood that helped define who we are and how we see the world presently.

As with all things in life, some had it better and some had it worse, but being able to cope with how you were raised and making peace with any unresolved issues is an incredibly healing process.

This is something that we all go through at some point, but the children of narcissistic parents have it especially bad.

They’ve been brainwashed into believing that they are the ones who are crazy or “not all there” by their parents.

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So, many of them have low self-esteem because they’re always doubting their own reality.

Here are six signs that you were raised by narcissistic parents:

They guilt you into a codependent relationship

If your parents ever pleaded with you to stay with them because they absolutely needed you or claimed they couldn’t live without you, they did so because of narcissism.