Being Single For A Long Period of Time Is Dangerous

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We have been conditioned to thinking that being single is a bad thing. If you are single, the general consensus is that something is wrong with you. This is far from the truth.

While it is great to have the added love, energy and perspective a relationship can offer, it also entails a serious commitment of work and time.

Anytime you are alone focus on the traits below and take your time in choosing your next relationship.

You Aren’t Dependent On Others for Your Happiness

Stay away from the Hollywood partial of dependence and relationships. Relationships should be two people that act as two individuals as part of a team.

You should think of it as the way to ‘complete’ yourself or anything along those lines.

Don’t spend all your time and energy looking for your next relationship or looking to the past. Use this time alone to treat yourself, engage yourself and most importantly, love yourself.

You are more likely to attract the attention of some one how is productively on their path by ensuring all you ducks are in a roll.

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