Things To Remember And Practice When You’re Single

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We have been conditioned to think that being single is a bad thing. If you are single, the general consensus is that something is wrong with you. This is far from the truth.

While it is great to have the added love, energy, and perspective a relationship can offer, it also entails a serious commitment of work and time.

Anytime you are alone focus on the traits below and take your time in choosing your next relationship.

You Aren’t Dependent On Others for Your Happiness

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Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Stay away from the Hollywood partial of dependence and relationships. Relationships should be between two people that act as two individuals as part of a team.

You should think of it as the way to ‘complete’ yourself or anything along those lines.

Don’t spend all your time and energy looking for your next relationship or looking to the past. Use this time alone to treat yourself, engage yourself, and most importantly, love yourself.

You are more likely to attract the attention of someone how is productively on their path by ensuring all your ducks are in a row.

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You Have The Free Time To Explore And Understand Yourself And Life

Relationships take up time and resources. Even if all the bills are split up, there are always more expenses with more people to consider.

Take the time you have as single and live in a way that makes you happy and takes advantage of your independence. You have more options for travel, hobbies, and personal projects when you are single.

You are more likely to catch the eye or find someone you vibe with well if you are staying active and true to yourself.

Your search for genuine and various forms of self-expression will take you all over the place. You are bound to meet more people and pass the time in a healthy and productive fashion.

You Don’t Need A Partner To Keep Up Appearances or Validate Your Life

Relationships are not a substitute for confidence or competence. Don’t let other people’s hype about your relationships influence you to stay in or constantly search for a relationship.

Just because someone besides your close social circle loves you and is fascinated by you, doesn’t mean you don’t have to nurture these feelings yourself.

All things change and end, if you are constantly substituting the love of your partner for your own love, you will never grow. When the relationship ends, you will have that much more work.

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Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have Love

Love is everywhere if you know to look. Yes, there may be a lack of sexual energy in life, doesn’t mean you are deprived of love, appreciation, and desire entirely.

There are still people that care for you, want to hang out with you, desire your opinion, and love you for who you are. Stay open-minded and ready to accept the gifts that the universe is throwing your way.

Time Spent Alone Is Time Spent Recovering

If you just got out of a relationship, chances are you are more than a little twisted. Slow down breathe and accept the feelings you are experiencing.

Resist your urge to delve into the next relationship or other distractions.

Face your problems now, on your terms. The sooner you start working on recovering the sooner you will find yourself able to date and be social.

If you wait and put it off or ignore it and jump into another relationship, you are letting the feelings and consequences of your past relationships pile up around you.

They will hinder your happiness and self-expression. This pile-up is likely to cause problems in your life that will negatively affect others as well. Now you have a past relationship s problems to deal with and the new ones.

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