5 reasons why being single is better than being with someone who doesn’t care about you

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Breakups are tough, no matter what type of relationship you’re coming out of. Vulnerability seizes control, and your emotions boil over.

The quick fix is to dive into another relationship, hoping someone else will calm your internal storm. Before you take that leap, consider why you should be single for a while – at any age.

1. Discover Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

People are reactive by nature. We tend to think and respond based upon the perceived thoughts and actions of others, especially a significant other.

People in successful relationships have realized their unique identity and understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

They’ve discovered their individual purpose in life, have some idea of their long-term and short-term goals, and know who they want to become as they mature.

In other words, they’ve pinpointed their innermost needs and desires. Why is this important? It helps them recognize when a potential romantic partner is a good match – and when he isn’t.

After a breakup, it’s good to be single for a while and reconnect with yourself. Tired of always choosing the wrong man?

Tired of being deceived by charmers and covert operators? Try being single for a while and learn who you are as an individual in this world. But don’t stress about it.

Take some time to live – with yourself. When the time is right, you’ll more easily identify a suitable partner and develop a healthy relationship.

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2. Learn to Accept Yourself Before Accepting Someone Else

What’s more difficult than understanding who you are? Self-acceptance. We’re prone to criticize and make comparisons, because in our own eyes, we’re never good enough.

Being single allows time for self-reflection without the distraction of wondering what someone else thinks. Learn to focus on your individuality rather than on how you compare to someone else.

Accept that you’re inherently valuable and adjust your thinking. If “not being alone” is the primary purpose of a relationship, then you need a new perspective.

Wouldn’t you rather cultivate a relationship between two people who value each other? Realize that if you don’t choose to love yourself, you’ll never be truly successful loving another person.

Take the time you need to understand and embrace the woman you are and the woman you’re becoming. Your next relationship will be less about your disappointment and more about sharing yourself and bringing joy to your partner.

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3. Have Time to Heal Old Wounds

You carry baggage from past relationships, probably more than you realize. It’s part of being human. Our baggage triggers those emotional reactions (or over-reactions) that erode the latest relationship.

Many times, you’re still hurting from the last blow to your heart, and if your new beau says or does anything to remind you of the past – that hurt finds its way to the surface in destructive ways.

You should be single for as long as you need to process the memories and emotions that have accumulated over the years. Pinpoint the most acute pain, it’s origin, and forgive as necessary.

If you were treated poorly, realize that you didn’t deserve it, and truly forgive your offender. The door to that relationship has closed, but new doors will open when you’re ready for it.

Have regrets? Feel guilty? Maybe you’ve caused someone else to hurt. Forgive yourself, seek forgiveness from your former partner, and learn from the experience.

Take time to heal and grow into a better version of yourself and remember that it’s good to be single (for now).

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4. Establish a Support Group Outside of Romantic Relationships

One person can’t fulfill all your needs, and you shouldn’t expect this from anyone. Another reason you should be single for a while is to strengthen other positive relationships.

Do you have a family member who’s always been there for you? Is there a good friend you haven’t connected with in a while?

Find pleasure and enjoyment in these platonic relationships and reinforce them. Don’t have someone like that in your life? Meet new people and establish new relationships.

Until your forever-partner comes along, family bonds and friendships will emotionally sustain you. Boyfriends will come and go, but genuine friendships can last a lifetime.

They’ll help you on your journey of self-understanding and acceptance. Your friendships will remind you of your intrinsic value and what it’s like to value someone else.

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5. Engage Your Spiritual Strength

As you seek answers to life’s larger questions and contemplate your unique purpose in life, you’ll find there’s a spiritual component.

Being single allows you time to explore the deepest issues of life. Where do you draw your strength from? When all is quiet and you’re entirely alone, is there a void?

Many people believe that we have needs no human can meet, and they find wisdom, strength, and guidance from a Power higher than themselves.

Can you identify this Power in your own life? Set the discouragement of human hypocrisy aside and begin (or continue) your journey for higher Truth and Love.

You should be single for as long as it takes for you to grow, heal, and establish yourself as a confident woman. Will you ever completely arrive?

Not even close, but you can make significant progress and lay the groundwork for a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

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