Being The Mistreated Daughter Of A Maid And Losing Her Own Child, Made Her The World’s Richest Woman

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Today we are shining the spotlight on a woman who deserves praise. Her blessings were never handed to her, nor did they come easy. The accomplished actress and media queen has defied all kinds of odds and has single handedly taken down every barrier put in her path. She suffered and she struggled from tragedy to tragedy from the second that she was born.

Yet she didn’t let her tragic story define her. She did everything in her power to turn her life around. Little did she know, the mistreated child would then become the world’s richest woman.

Born To A Teenage Housemaid

housekeeper tidies up pillows with gloves on

Cotton Bro / Unsplash

Cotton Bro / Unsplash

The woman of the hour was born January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi to young parents. Her mother was still not even a fully grown adult, giving birth at the tender age of 18 while her father was also just discovering the harsh reality of the world at age 20.

Her mother worked as a teenage maid, trying to provide for herself. Both parents were not in a relationship together, so the baby was sent to live with her grandmother while the mother went to work.