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Being The Mistreated Daughter Of A Maid And Losing Her Own Child, Made Her The World’s Richest Woman

Today we are shining the spotlight on a woman who deserves praise. Her blessings were never handed to her, nor did they come easy. The accomplished actress and media queen has defied all kinds of odds and has single handedly taken down every barrier put in her path. She suffered and she struggled from tragedy to tragedy from the second that she was born.

Yet she didn't let her tragic story define her. She did everything in her power to turn her life around. Little did she know, the mistreated child would then become the world's richest woman.

Born To A Teenage Housemaid

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The woman of the hour was born January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi to young parents. Her mother was still not even a fully grown adult, giving birth at the tender age of 18 while her father was also just discovering the harsh reality of the world at age 20.

Her mother worked as a teenage maid, trying to provide for herself. Both parents were not in a relationship together, so the baby was sent to live with her grandmother while the mother went to work.

Her Grandmother Disclipned Her In The Harshest Ways

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The grandmother went by the name Hattie Mae and she was known to be strict. Maybe it was an attempt to protect the now growing baby, as to shield her from the same outcome that her mother endured. Growing up as a girl in rural Mississippi, she was to taught to read by her grandmother and brought to church

It didn't take long for her community to notice her remarkable intelligence as she read passages aloud. Even in school, she was asked to skip Kindergarten and quickly moved to first grade. This wouldn't' be the only grade she skips as she surpasses her peers.

It Still Wasn't Enough

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Yet, despite her early success, he grandmother would sill beat her with a cane for the smallest mistakes. The poor girl's life felt like hell both at home and at school.

Because of how poor she was, her peers also made her life difficult by making fun of her cheap clothes, often made from potato sacks and named her "Slack girl." She couldn't catch a break and didn't know how to escape.

Her Mother Put Her Sister Up For Adoption For Being Too Poor

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Although she is rich now, the girl's mother was so poor that she put one of her daughters up for adoption. The now TV host didn't even know she had a half sister till decades later.

Instead, she continued to live with her grandma who was progressively getting sicker. Eventually, the seven year old had to move back in with her mother.This would be a difficult time where she was neglected and mistreated by her own family so she acted out.

She Ran Away At 13

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Eventually, the young girl turned 13 and learned that she was pregnant so she ran away from home to live with her father. She was at her most vulnerable and felt unwelcome by her own mother at home. Her mother had tried to send her to a dentition center but even they didn't have room for her and didn't take her.

Her dad would be her first glimmer hope and the first hand in turning her life around.

But The Baby Died

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The young girl was so ashamed of her pregnancy that she refused to tell anyone about it. She didn't even tell her father about it till she was seven months pregnant.

That same day, she went into labour and give birth to a very premature baby boy. Due to the complications that come with such a pregnancy, the baby died in the hospital a few weeks later. This would be the turning event in this woman's life. This was the moment that she went from being a nobody to a name that we all now recognize.

Her Name Became Known In Every Household As Oprah Winfrey

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Upon hearing of her story, tabloids bought it for thousands of dollars. Oprah gained confidence and she felt like she finally could take control over her own narrative. She started joining beauty pageants that brought her to television at a still young age. Oprah found a love for TV hosting and went on to become the first African American female news anchor in Nashville. She even left left Tennessee State University to take the job at just 19 years old.

Oprah's ratings quickly surpassed the then show legend Phil Donahue viewer numbers,. The ratings were so impressive that in 1985 the network decided to rename the show: "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

From Tragedy Came Success

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Oprah Winfrey is now a billionaire who came from humble beginnings. Her early life was full of tragedy but it taught her the lessons and gave her the skills to be the incredibly successful woman that she is today.

Oprah Winfrey wasn't a one time hit. She has transitioned her hit talk show, which ran for 25 years, into a media and business empire. Then, she continued to be an inspiration for women everywhere through the 'Oprah effect' a weight watchers program that has helped many. She is truly an inspiration.

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Do You Have The Letter V On Your Palm? This Is What It Means

Everyone has lines on their palms. Turn your hand around and take a look. Palmistry is the study of the meaning of these lines. It believes that each line is revealing about the life trajectory of the person who holds them. Some lines reveal personality traits while others predict levels of success and blessing. Some lines can even provide information on love and relationships. One particular revealing line is the letter V between the thumb and the index feeling. Here's how to find it and what it means.

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Right Hand Vs Left Hand

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When checking for the Letter V formation, check your non-dominant hand first as it will hold a more enhanced meaning. If you're right-handed, the left-hand lines will reveal your personality while the right-hand lines reveal the destiny of the path that you are on.

On the other hand (no pun intended), if you are left-handed, the right-hand lines will reveal your personality, while the left-hand lines will be the ones holding your destiny. Now, with your dominant hand in mind, let's examine the lines.

The Heart Line

heart right above heart line on palm

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The heart line is one of the four lines that have the power to reveal emotions and relationships. Without knowing the person personally, it says a lot about who they love and how they love. Keep in mind that some people don't have a heart line and it shows. They have no interest in forming meaningful lasting connections and don't have natural empathy towards others. Their relationships often fail as they're unable to see past their own needs. Narcissists for example often are missing their heart line.

To find your heart line look for the top major line at the tap of your palm.

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Do You Have The Letter V On Your Palm?

V line circled on hand

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If you are looking for the letter V on your right hand, you should be able to find it at the top Major Heart Line, near the bottom of your index finger. Now if you have it, you're in luck as it holds many qualities. Men and women with a “V” are thought to be very lucky in life and to find a lot of success.

The Letter V formation is considered to be very unique in Palmistry, so if you can find the Letter V on your palm, consider yourself luck as you are destined for a special life. ​

Unfinished Business

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It is said in palmistry that having this line means that there is a growth journey on your path. You will need to face some challenges, in order to achieve personal development. The silver lining is that going through these changes is meant to align you on a path designed to reach your highest self.

Until that path is reached and the growth is achieved, individuals with this line tend to have some "unfinished business." Luckily having this line also means being gifted with enhanced traits and characteristics that facilitate the process.

Blessed In Relationships

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Those who hold the "V" are known as the anchors of their relationships. They easily make friends and form strong bonds. They have a natural empathetic ability that makes them trustworthy. Having such positive relationship might have something to do with their success, genuine energy, fortune, and support. It gives them an in that allows them to advance easily in life and provides them with a supportive circle of friends.

In romantic relationships, these people get lucky but sometimes it takes a long time to find the person who fulfills them. Having this line means that you have a lot of impact on others. You're the one they come to lean on. You have great power and many wouldn't bear losing you.

Blessed In Luck

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On the one hand, having te letter "V' on your palm is indicative of many blessings ad brings good luck unto your life, not only for yourself but everyone you touch as well. However, in order to pish your growth, luck usually does not activate before you turn 35 years old.

This age is a turning point when you are meant to take all the lessons you've learned and use them to attract all the blessings that were always meant for you.

The Lines Come And Go

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In Palmistry, the hands hold information on certain parts of our being. The left hand is the “receptive hand,” it is tied to empathy and intuition and connects emotion and psychic energy, with nurturing capabilities. Then, the right hand is our “giving hand,” which is more on the side of the physical world, tying in the self with logic, action, reason, and ego.

Another thing to keep in mind is that palm lines are not fixed. They're bound to appear, disappear, and change throughout our life stages. if you're looking for personalized information, then you'll need your own zodiac reading. We're each on our own unique path,

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