4 Huge Benefits Of Being An Empath

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You have a distinct advantage over non-empaths.

Empathy is something we’re all born with. Each and every one of us. Our brains are wired to experience empathy. But many decide to beat the empathy out of themselves.

This leaves them, in a way, at a disadvantage. By not learning to experience the emotions of others, they will have a greater difficulty in reading other people than you do.

You may feel lower lows, but the highs are even higher.

When you’re an empath, it’s easy to feel so so low when you’re around negative people, but with deep lows come soaring highs. When you feel good, you feel really good. Good enough for the good to last a lifetime.

You have a stellar bullshit detector.

Being an empath gives you the capacity to smell bullshit a mile away. People can’t just lie to your face without you knowing about it. You can even detect when someone is telling a white lie or saying they’re okay when they’re not. It’s a handy capability to have.

You’re more creative.

If you want to make it through this life following creative pursuits and making a buck out of it, being an empath is a gift to you. You’re able to put your thoughts and feelings on paper and canvas alike. This is something every artist needs.

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