The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle Has Finally Been “Solved”

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Chances are pretty good you’ve heard of the notorious Bermuda Triangle at some point in your life. If you haven’t, it is a stretch of ocean also known as the “Devil’s Triangle.”

It’s been given these somewhat ominous titles due to the fact that numerous airplanes and ships have mysteriously vanished when attempting to cross through this portion of the North Atlantic Sea.

Over the course of the past century alone, the Bermuda Triangle has taken close to 1,000 human lives.

Now, one scientist is offering up a possible explanation as to why so many ships and airplanes go missing as they make their way through the triangle.

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Science Channel

Using satellite radar technologies, researchers got a glimpse of some of the catastrophic weather conditions that are characteristic of the mysterious triangular region.

Underneath the hexagonal clouds that cover most of the area are sea level winds that reach up to 170 mph. If that seems high, it’s because it is.

These powerful wind patterns are capable of creating waves that reach up to 45 feet high!