5 Reasons Introverts Are The Best Lovers

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They’re honest.

Introverts are honest. Sometimes to a fault. They hate lying because they know it hurts you. Sometimes they’ll also hurt you accidentally by telling the truth. Don’t take it too personally.

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They listen well.

Introverts aren’t the kinds of people who listen just to say their part. They’d usually rather not say anything at all. They simply want to hear you out. They want to know what’s in your heart.

They’re thoughtful.

Introverts, being good listeners and all, are also incredibly thoughtful. They tend to be empaths, meaning they take a lot of joy from helping you be happy. Thoughtfulness is how that happens.

They are trustworthy.

Introverts are more trustworthy people. They’re much less likely to go out, get wasted with their pals, and do something seriously regrettable. That’s just not how they roll.

They love romantic time alone with you.

What isn’t to love about that?

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