8 Reasons Aries Make The Best Lovers

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Aries are the first of the signs and they hit the ground running. They are fiery characters, natural leaders and caring providers. If you are wondering which sign to date next, Aries is a safe bet.

As you grow in a relationship, you will find them to be fantastic partners that never back down. To keep their love you need only be honest, and show them that you appreciate them.

Below, we have taken some of the greatest and most appreciable traits you will find when romantically entwined with an Aries.

If you’re looking for more information on how this retrograde will take its toll on you specifically, then you’ll need your own zodiac reading. We’re each on our own unique path and what traits are associated with a general sign, might not be applicable to you too without your exact date and birth location here.

They Are Never Needy

Aries are naturally independent and confident. They appreciate your approval and attention but will never come to rely on it.

Aries Are Honest To A Fault

They will let you know what they think as soon as they think it. They won’t pull punches because they love you and want you to be strong.

Flexibility And Variety Are Natural

This sign is very versatile. They can appreciate your style and choices while expressing their own individuality. They are willing to work with you and help you reach your goals even if they don’t fully understand its importance.

Highly Intuitive

Their confidence and uniquely honed perspective, give them special insight into situations. They will know when you are hiding feelings and work to help you face them.

They know when you are lying to yourself and will show you how. They appreciate and respect you to not allow you to treat yourself like that.

They Are Loyal

If an Aries is on your side, they will stay on your team to the bitter end. They are not fair weather friends and will bring you an umbrella when it pours.

Aries Is One Of The Most Passionate Signs

Aries is well known for passionate gestures that come from their true selves and feelings. They love everything about you and want to make you happy in everyway they can. For the sake of your relationship they will step outside of their comfort zones to try something new.

Respect Is A Given

Aries can not be with someone they don’t respect. The fact that they pledged their heart to you is a gesture of unshakable faith. They will never do anything to hurt you or make you question yourself.

Aries Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

If you are with an Aries romantically, you won’t have to worry about petty fights. They aren’t for living in the past or waxing on about trivial matters. They don’t feel the need to unnecessarily test the relationship.

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