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The Standing Rock Indian Reservation has garnered support and attention over the last few months, as it rightfully should.

Thousands of Native Americans and other supporters traveled in order to lend a hand during the peaceful protests, which endured freezing temperatures and oppressive backlash.

Fortunately, these protests were successful, and they resulted in the Army Corps of Engineers denying a permit that would allow Energy Transfer Partners, the company in charge of the pipeline, permission to build.

This was a major victory for the Native Americans who live on the Standing Rock Reservation, and shows the power that peaceful solutions can have the face of injustice.

It also provides a little more insight into the way of life that Native Americans hold dear. Their values have been cherished for generations, and they can help us all, native or not.

Here are four Lakota Sioux laws that can and will change your life.

1. Respect

A central teaching for the Lakota people is respect. They believe in honoring and respecting all life they see around them for what it provides.

The same energy forces move through every living being on Earth, which means that all living things are important; no one thing is more important than the other.

It’s for this reason that all life demands respect. When you start to respect the life and the world around you, you start to see the beauty in things, more so than you did before.

2. Compassion

This is a value that is shared throughout a variety of peoples, not just the Lakota. We should all treat people the way we ourselves would like to be treated.

By doing so, we are able to call on each other for support and helping hands.

The Lakota believe that humans all come from the same source, again, we all consist of the same energy, so it’s important to help and care for one another.

This was essential during the Standing Rock protests; people empathizing and coming together for the greater good.

3. Generosity

Giving is important, and it’s a major part of life for the Lakota Sioux. Unfortunately, it’s something the world has seemed to lose sight of, especially in this current age.

Instead of asking yourself how doing something will benefit you personally, ask how it will benefit others.

Balance is important, but it can never be achieved if we constantly take. By taking only what we need while giving to others, we keep our lives and the planet in balance.

4. Wisdom

Wisdom and knowledge are things that the Lakota people cherish greatly. They place importance on the past and the lessons that can be derived from people who have been around much longer.

Their ancestors are never far from their minds, and it’s because they still have a part to play in the energy utilized by all living things.

If you listen carefully, you can still hear their words and their teachings in your daily life. Observe the world that exists around you, be patient, and be willing to learn.

Wisdom is invaluable, and it’s something you can use the rest of your life on Earth.

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