5 Signs You’re Doing Much Better Than You Think You Are

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1. You don’t feel sure about yourself.

If you feel uncertain about your life and the direction you’re headed, that’s actually a good thing. It means you’re actually thinking about your lot in life.

Instead of feeling negative about these thoughts, focus on solutions. What would make you feel sturdier? What solutions are at your disposal?

2. You’re making mistakes.

Mistakes aren’t exactly celebrated in our culture. We often feel like admitting to a mistake is admitting incompetence or worse. But you’ve made a mistake or two lately.

That’s actually a good thing. Why? It means you’re trying. Don’t let mistakes derail you from your path. Make mistakes and learn from them.

3. You feel like you’ve changed.

Are you feeling different lately? Do you feel like the you 5 years ago is unrecognizable? That may not be something to despair over. We all change over time and often, that change is for the better.

4. You love the wrong person.

This one can be the hardest to reconcile as being a good thing. If you find yourself with the wrong person, I have some good news. 1. You’re able to leave a relationship you don’t want at any time. You’re free to do that. 2. You’re thinking critically about your love life. You may not be with the right partner right now, but these two facts indicate that you will be someday.

5. You’re not content.

This is a great thing to realize about your life. You’re not content. No reason to despair. Decide what you’re going to do about it.

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