Beware Of Emotional Manipulation Predicted Mid-Week, Hitting One Sign Harder Than The Others

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Weekly Horoscopes October 17th – 23rd, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV.

It’s an exuberant, high-energy start to the week, as the Sun and Venus take turns to trine Mars on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. This exciting energy is excellent for seizing the initiative in all areas of life, but especially in love, where passions will rise fast.

Mid-week, however, brings some issues with power and control, and perhaps emotional manipulation. It’s the Sun and Venus playing tag again, but this time creating squares to Pluto on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

It all changes on Sunday as the Sun and Venus move into secretive Scorpio. Expect some tempestuous emotions – although Saturn turning direct in airy, rational Aquarius on the same day will help to cool the temperature.

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If you work with your romantic partner – or would like to – the Sun/Venus trines to your ruler Mars are fantastic news early in the week. This natural blending of business and pleasure could prove very lucrative.

woman holding  full moon shape to her face
Zhanna Fort / Pexels
Zhanna Fort / Pexels

However, watch out for angry disputes at home midweek when domineering Pluto gets involved with the Sun and Venus. If your work-life balance is out of kilter, there could be some seething resentment around this time.

When the Sun and Venus change signs on Sunday, prepare for a more thoughtful, deep-feeling vibe. You may ponder life’s mysteries or have strange, profound dreams. The Universe is urging you to look deeper into whatever fascinates you.


Getting what you want is made much easier early this week as the Sun and your ruler Venus trine go-getting Mars. This should bring good news about work and money – your efforts are paying off.

However, you may find that your responsibilities curtail your freedom during the middle of this week. There’s too much you have to do and not enough time to do what you’d like to do.

That may change over the weekend when the Sun and Venus change signs and power into the love zone of your natal birth chart. Your sweetheart will support your dreams, so it’s a good time to delegate some of your daily chores, freeing up your time to pursue your goals.


Mars in your sign is boosting your energy considerably this week – especially early on. You’ll feel exuberant, vibrant, and glad to be alive – and very playful too. Just be careful that this playfulness doesn’t become risky behavior.

There’s a possibility that your devil-may-care attitude could also land you in hot water midweek when the Sun and Venus fall foul of powerful Pluto. Be careful not to push your luck too far in a relationship or any kind of chances.

The good news is that when the Sun and Venus change signs on Sunday, you can expect life to get more streamlined and efficient – leaving you with considerably more time to play!


Karmic links are essential as this week begins – look into the concept of soul groups and see if you can uncover what links you and your blood family or you and your romantic partner. You have a lot to learn and to teach too during this period.

Be aware, however, that tensions may rise between your family and your partner midweek. This kind of conflict is difficult to mediate, and you’ll hate being stuck in the middle of it; give it some time to blow over.

When the Sun and Venus change signs on Sunday, tensions will ease, and a more playful, joyful vibe will emerge. Speaking of which, the weekend is an excellent time for dating, if you’re single!


What you say and how you say it will be very influential early this week – so if you want to get others on board with your project or ideas, start being persuasive! It’s a great time to use your charisma to your benefit.

Watch out for a colleague trying to blame you for something that wasn’t your fault midweek. Be willing to admit to any mistakes you have made, but don’t be tempted to take responsibility for someone else’s problem just to keep the peace.

When the Sun and Venus change signs on Sunday, they flood the family zone of your natal birth chart with love and warmth – this weekend would be an incredible time for a long-overdue family get-together.


The early part of this week brings superb career and financial opportunities as the Sun and Venus both dance with confident Mars, currently in your career zone. Be open to saying ‘yes’ to the Universe as often as possible – you never know what might happen!

However, there could be some arguments over money or values in your relationship midweek. This is fundamentally an issue of power, so if there’s an imbalance between you and your partner, that core issue needs to be addressed before the arguments subside.

You’ll enjoy the change of pace on Sunday as the Sun and Venus both change signs. This brings you increased clarity of thought and a desire to mix socially – a great time to form new friendships.

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Look out for an opportunity to stretch your wings early this week. The Sun, Venus – your ruling planet – and Mars join forces, empowering you to seek adventure and excitement, especially through travel.

However, there could be some family discord in the middle of the week. This might relate to something you experienced as a child that still haunts you – or it could be family interference in how you raise your own children. Try to stay calm; it will pass.

On Sunday, the Sun and Venus both move into the money zone of your natal birth chart. Hello, abundance! This is a brilliant time for manifestation and creating new income streams.


Your psychic skills need attention – if you try to ignore them, you may get some shocks or surprises early this week. Spend some time looking into your spiritual gifts; you may be pleasantly surprised at how talented you can become in this area.

However, there’s a painful muddle of miscommunication midweek, driven by powerful Pluto, your ruling planet. Someone may twist your words or deliberately misrepresent you, driven by jealousy, envy, or resentment. You’ll need to nip this in the bud quickly.

The dynamics change completely on Sunday when both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio. This energy infuses you with charisma, vitality, good humor, and an abundance mindset. If you’re looking for love, now is the time to find it. If you’re looking for money, likewise. Enjoy!


Love and friendship mix beautifully early this week as the Sun, Venus, and Mars conspire to cement relationships of all kinds. It’s a wonderful time for a joint date – or even for a friend to become something much more.

You may feel disappointed or frustrated by a lack of money in the middle of the week. There’s something you desperately want to have or to do, but you simply can’t afford it right now. Don’t worry. Your time will come. Let this motivate you, not depress you.

On Sunday, the Sun and Venus both change signs, arriving in the most spiritual part of your natal birth chart. This is a perfect time to journal or try a new divination method. The cosmos is speaking to you – will you make time to listen?

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The early part of this week is exceptionally good for your career, with the Sun, Venus, and Mars all pointing toward success, recognition, and good working relationships. You can make a lot of progress here if you want to.

But do you really want to? Expect a mini crisis of confidence midweek when Pluto in Capricorn challenges the Sun and Venus in your career zone. Your identity is wrapped up in what you do for a living – so in your current job, are you able to be the real you?

You’ll get more insight into this big issue when the Sun and Venus change signs on Sunday. With their influence in the long-term objectives area of your natal birth chart, you can plan and strategize for the future.


There’s a lot of fun early this week and plenty of opportunities to travel or enjoy your favorite pastimes. It’s quite an outdoorsy vibe, too, so get out and about if you can, whatever the weather.

Your judgment is clouded midweek, however. Something significant to you is at stake, but you can’t see it clearly because the facts are not what they appear to be. Try to avoid making major decisions at this time – at least, not anything you cannot undo later if necessary.

There’s a big change of pace on Sunday when the Sun and Venus both move into the success zone of your natal birth chart. Make plans to work hard – and to reap the rewards.


Help comes from your nearest and dearest early this week. Whether that’s a financial gift from a family member or loved one someone you love stepping in to help you with day-to-day responsibilities, you are shown that you are loved, supported, and cherished.

However, there may be something else in the air, especially midweek—something you cannot quite discern. Something hidden – and that means that people’s intentions towards you may not be what you think. Be discerning about who you trust.

Light relief arrives on Sunday when the Sun and Venus change signs and move into the travel zone of your natal birth chart. Take every opportunity to get out and about. A change of scenery will refresh your soul.

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