The Biggest Mistake

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Love and lust find their way to us in sometimes unpredictable ways.

The two feelings can feel very similar when you’re dating someone, but there are definitely some defining differences between the two.

When you’re in love, life becomes a richer experience.

But when in lust, life can be more difficult. The relationship may seem thrilling but it tends to burn out fast and make life rocky before it does. Love brings steadiness.

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When you’re in love, you see a future together.

But when in lust, the future hardly comes to mind, and when you do think of the future, it rarely includes them.

You have to try hard to see how living together and starting a family together is going to work. With love, it’s a future without them that seems odd.

When you’re in love, you truly like your partner.

But when in lust, that appreciation is much more superficial. It’s purely a physical attraction that can’t last. Love can, however.

When you’re in love, you trust each other.

But when in lust, there are doubts. Your relationship is based on something more carnal, and that carnal fun can be taken from just about anyone.

There’s no emotional foundation to keep them from straying.

When you’re in love, you don’t ask for approval.

But when in lust, you worry about your partner’s approval. You worry they might not like you or find you attractive. When in love, these thoughts don’t enter your mind.

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