Biker Gang Helps 90-Year-Old Woman Live Out Her Biggest Birthday Wish

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As our birthdays roll around, we’re asked what we’d like to receive as gifts from those we love who want to treat us on our special day. Some people prefer to ask for practical gifts that will get daily use, some want more frivolous items they otherwise wouldn’t buy for themselves, and some would rather be gifted an experience over an item.

No matter which way someone leans, their requests can sometimes be surprising—like the case of one woman in the U.K. who had big birthday dreams.

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Year After Year

Though we all get older, wiser, and worldlier as we grow from childhood to adulthood, there is something special about birthdays that has cemented them in our celebrations and traditions throughout the years.

Happy birthday cake with rainbow lettering.
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The importance of birthday wishes as we transition away from youth cannot be understated – they keep us full of whimsy and desire for all the good the world has left to offer us. Birthday wishes are our hedge against cynicism, mistrust, and growing bored of life, and as such, should be honored whenever possible.

A Long Time Wishing

Great-grandmother and motorcycle fanatic Barbara Morris had a rather unique wish for her 90th birthday: she wanted to ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson.

Morris seeing the bike for the first time after being led out by staff members.
YouTube / SWNS
YouTube / SWNS

This birthday desire has actually been a longstanding promise of hers. She told her family for a number of years that if she made it to 90, she’d want to hop back on a bike again and go for a ride.

Morris had originally gotten her own motorcycle as a teenager in the ’50s, but had to give up the hobby as the years went on.

Immediate Excitement

This wish was not one her family was going to let go unfulfilled. On her special day, her sons arrived at her nursing home with 13 members of the local Widows Sons biker chapter in tow, offering to take her for a spin.

Morris smiling as she sits on the back of the bike.

She was elated, not hesitating for even a second before hopping aboard the back of one of the Harleys. The crew then gave her a ride around town before driving her to a pub to continue the celebrations.

Return To Youth

Morris said she “felt 21 again” as she clung onto the rider and felt the wind rush past her, reliving the same thrill she indulged in during her youth.

A photo of Morris in her youth also on the back of a motorcycle.

“I just felt the years melt away,” she described. “It was just an incredible experience to feel the wind blowing in my face again.”

Her family wasn’t at all surprised by her immediate excitement, with granddaughter Kristy Harvey saying Morris had always had a “daredevil spirit.”

A Generational Hobby

“My uncle said to her, ‘You always said if you made it to 90, you wanted to go on a Harley,’ and then she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you remember that,’” Harvey said.

Morris giving two thumbs up after her helmet is put on.

“She’s got nerves of steel, she’s not really afraid of anything. She’s kind of from that generation that was made of tough stuff. Nothing really fazes them.”

Morris’ own first bike was a Royal Enfield 350. She was such a big fan of her bike and motorcycles in general that she passed down that passion to her kids.

For The First Time

“She always had a little bike that she nipped about on. Her three sons later all had motorbikes and a keen interest in motorbike racing and groups.”

Morris on the bike with the bikers all posed around her for a group photo.

Her desire to ride on a Harley-Davidson specifically was born from the fact that she had never gotten to during her biking heyday, and had been longing for the experience ever since.

Her family had the assistance of Morris’ nursing home as well, telling them of the plan ahead of time so they could help the birthday girl get ready before stepping outside. “They permed her hair and did her make-up, and got her dressed up nicely,” Harvey explained.

She Couldn’t Believe It

“She can’t see very well, so they had to take her right up to the bike, and when she realized what it was, her face was ‘just a picture.’”

Morris riding past a camera on the back of the bike.
YouTube / SWNS
YouTube / SWNS

Even after seeing the bike, she hadn’t fully clued into what was going on. As Harvey described, “She thought it was just a nice bike to look at, and when we actually told her she was going on, she was a bit speechless. She couldn’t believe it.”

She not only got to go for the ride of a lifetime, but she got a good amount of pictures with the crew that volunteered to take her out, dressed up in her own biker’s vest and everything. In every photo she looks beyond excited to be living out her long-standing wish.

Don’t Stop Wishing

Morris’ extraordinary experience shows us that age is no barrier to pursuing our most daring dreams. It reflects, refreshingly, that even if we get older, we don’t necessarily have to leave our youthful hopes, wishes, and ambitions behind.

A wrapped birthday present with a tag that reads 'happy birthday' in calligraphy.
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Despite the gray hair, a many-layered life experience, or increased physical fragility, we can keep pursuing our wildest of dreams if we take proper preparations and care. Her story is also a reminder to always voice your wishes. After all, they can’t come true if no one knows about them!

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