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Watch this biker "return" trash after a driver throws it out the window

The amount of garbage and trash that exists in today's modern society is getting out of control. So many people litter and leave trash all around them.

Many local governments and communities are starting to put major efforts towards the fight against pollution and trash buildup.

However, regardless of everyone's efforts to protect our planet, it seems that some people still choose to litter their trash in any place possible. Even in the middle of traffic on a busy road.

Not to mention the environmental consequences, the driver in this video had no respect for the vehicles behind the van. This drive decided to throw an entire soda cup out the window.

Thankfully, a reasonable biker who just happened to be recording was a few cars behind the van. When he saw the driver litter, he decided to take action.

He picked up the can from the road and placed it in his late. Very patiently, he kept up with the van and followed the driver so he could teach him lesson.

Once he finally managed to get up to the van, he stopped his bike in front of the van. He then took the can and put it under the windshield wiper of the van.

Afterwards, the biker happily rode away. The driver and his two passengers will definitely think twice before throwing trash out the window again.

You can watch the full video below!

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