A Mysterious Object Has Just Been Measured Exiting A Black Hole

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Two of NASA’s telescopes recently witnessed a never before seen phenomenon. A quasar was spotted exiting a black hole more than five billion light years away, in a region of space known a Sagittarius A*.

It was by sheer luck that the telescopes were pointed at the right region at the right time, and scientists are scrambling to collect as much data as they can.

Black holes are gravitational distortions, harnessing such force that not even light can escape its pull.

Witnessing the process and the circumstances surrounding it, are giving scientists and researchers the information to rewrite what we know about black holes.

Little is known about black holes. Their structure is the subject of much debate as we haven’t as of yet been able to experiment with one.

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We have also only seen one manner of interaction between black holes, them pulling in light and matter. Everything we know about them was based off long range observation and theories.

We have never before observed an object coming through a black hole’s corona and breaking the gravitational pull.

Sagittarius A* has been generating a variety of energy flares about every ten days. Over the last year, the frequency has increased to that flares are occurring almost everyday.

After the quasar cleared the black hole’s corona, or center, there followed a massive release of X-ray and gamma radiation. Dan Wilkins, of Saint Mary’s University, stated,