This Man Spent Years Planting Thousands Of Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell

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In a small town in Japan called Shntomi Town, more than 7,000 people flock to one particular field every spring for an incredible reason: It bursts into a sea of millions of small pink flowers that were planted by a man for his wife.

The land was bought by Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, then very young people, back in 1956. For 30 years, they used the field to raise cows together, but recently, Mrs. Kuroki lost her vision due to diabetes.

Her loss was devastating. She began to seclude herself at home and really became a much more reclusive, quiet person. Mr. Kuroki hoped that a few visitors a day would help cheer her up, so he set to work.

He spent two years chopping down trees, working the soil, and planting flower after flower after flower. Now, their home is surrounded by a sea of delightful smelling pink flowers.

10 years after the seeds were planted, thousands of people flock to the field to see the flowers in full bloom, and to say hello to the Kurokis as well. Mrs. Kuroki seems to be in good spirits these days.