Discover What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your Personality

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Type O Blood.

People with Type O blood types stand out significantly from the rest. They set high standards for themselves and tend to achieve them with a go-getter personality. They make wonderful leaders, have great intuition, and manage stress incredibly well.

Al Capone, Gerald Ford, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, and Elvis Presley were all type O blood types. They tend to be most compatible with other type O and type AB people.

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Type A Blood.

This blood type is extremely common in Japan, with nearly three out of four people having that blood type. People with type A blood tend to be more sensitive and are more susceptible to stress. They’re often more anxious and tend to be slightly more uptight.

Even so, they’re incredibly passionate people and are compatible with other type A people as well as AB. George H. W. Bush, Rick James, Britney Spears, Richard Nixon, and Adolf Hitler were type AB.

Type B Blood.

People with type B blood tend to be the creators, the actors, the writers, and the poets. They are often self-focused and may come off as selfish, but they simply need to know how to best take care of themselves. They are more prone to developing lupus, chronic fatigue, and MS.

Type B tends to get along best with other type B people exclusively, but they can also get on well with type AB. Mia Farrow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Young, Tome Selleck, and Paul McCartney all have type B blood.

Type AB Blood.

People with this mixed blood type tend to have a wide variety of personality types that can’t easily be pinned down in a couple paragraphs. They are ultimately ambiverts – people who can display both introverted and extroverted tendencies.

They get along with all blood types. Notable people with this blood type include Thomas Edison, Mick Jagger, John F. Kennedy, and Jackie Chan.

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