This Amazing Color Appears Different To Everyone – Is This Green Or Blue To You?

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Look at the image above… is it blue or green?

Regardless of technicalities, there isn’t exactly a right or wrong answer to this question. It is very obvious that everyone sees this color differently as we do not all have the same pair of eyes. According to Clinical Services Director of Optical Express states:

“Every single person is unique and as a result, our brains process information differently. Depending on how you interpret colors, one person might see it one way, while the very next person who looks at it might see it differently.Light enters the eye and hits the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. The light is converted to an electrical signal which travels along the Optic Nerve to the Visual Cortex in the brain. The brain makes its own unique interpretation of this electrical signal.”

All though this experiment had about 1,000 contestants, 32 percent of them believed that the color was blue while the other 64 percent consider it to be a shade of green. Then, once they had asked the same contestants to label the color as it was placed between two very visible shades of blue, the result had shown that 90 percent of them claimed the color to be green.

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To demonstrate why this color is green and not blue, Optical Express suggests that since the values on the colors red, blue, and green shows that the color model has absolutely no red in the mix. Instead, it has about 116 blue and 122 green, which means that the color is technically properly labeled as a shade of green.