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This video of a freshly removed human brain is fascinating to watch

Your brain is responsible for doing a lot of thinking, but I bet you don't spend a lot of time thinking about your brain. It is an extremely delicate organ and incredibly squishy.

The video in this article is from a freshly removed brain during an autopsy. The neuroanatomist handles the vulnerable treasure with care.

Suzanne Strensaas, the neuroanatomist in the video says that most of us think of the brain as a rubber ball. However, in reality it is much softer than that.

As she holds the 3 pound brain in both hands, it is crazy to think that right there in her palms is the entire set of experiences that once made up a living, breathing human being.

"We are fortunate enough to show you what a normal, unfixed, recently deceased patient's brain would look like," says Stensaas.

She explains in the video that the cancer patient whose autopsy this brain is from, died from cell transplant complications.

After seeing how Stensaas handles the specimen, we feel grateful to be able to learn so much from the willing patient who donated their body to science.

Check out the amazing video below!

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