Brain Surgeon Reveals He Saw Proof Of Heaven In “The Afterlife” With A Detailed Description

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A Brain surgeon, a scientist, and a doctor at the basis has to make peace with the fact that no matter their best intentions, they won’t be able to save everyone they operate on. Scientists tend to believe in death as final and have a hard time believing in a spiritual afterlife where consciousness lives on.

Dr. Eben Alexander got to be on the other side of the table however when he suffered his own neurological near-death experience. His glimpse into the afterlife provided him with what he believes to finally be an answer to the age-old question: what happens when you die? According to him, there’s life after death, here is his detailed description of the afterlife.

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Near Death Experience

Dr. Eben Alexander was 63-year old when he suffered from a brain infection and fell into a week-long coma. He was placed on a medical ventilator after doctors gave him just a two percent chance of survival.

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Eyasu Etsub / Unsplash
Eyasu Etsub / Unsplash

It all started when he woke up suffering from pain he described as the “worst headache of his life”. He brushed it off as the flu and thought he could sleep it off. However, when his wife came to check on him, he convulsing in his bed, with his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

Alexander was immediately rushed to the same hospital he worked as a neurosurgeon. He was diagnosed with an incredibly rare and aggressive kind of bacterial meningitis that was eating away at his brain. He was induced into a coma and placed on a ventilator with his chances of survival diminishing by the hour.

As his brain was very damaged, doctors gave Alexander a just 2 percent chance of survival. It was during that time that he got so close to death that he believes he got a glimpse of the afterlife.