5 Reasons You Need To Break Up With Your Partner, Even If There Is Nothing “Wrong”

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While almost all types of relationships can be difficult to navigate, it is the most intimate ones that often require most of our energy.

Starting and maintaining a relationship with a person you want to be with means being vulnerable. And when we enter into one, there are a list of fears that come with it.

Maybe you’re afraid of being cheated on, maybe you don’t like to commit to anything, or maybe you just don’t want to get hurt. But there’s an even bigger fear out there, for some. And it comes in the form of settling for a person who you’re not really crazy about.

Sometimes it’s easy to “date” someone simply because you’re bored and have nothing else going on. But doing so leads to some of the most awful feelings one can imagine.

Here are five signs that you should split with your partner, even if there isn’t anything really “wrong”:

You’re apathetic toward their messages or texts

If communicating with your partner doesn’t excite you in the least, simply because of how bland and boring they are, you know that it’s time to go your separate ways.

Once you’ve found a person you’re truly crazy about, receiving that text message or phone call will make your entire day, rather than just making your phone vibrate.

You’re not at all interested in being with them long-term

You’ll know when you’ve found a person worth investing your time and energy in when you can envision yourself building something meaningful with them.

For me, when I see my girlfriend I get excited about all of the great things we are going to do together. From climbing mountains to having kids.

If you don’t see a future of any kind with the person you’re with, you might want to consider parting ways.

They make you miss your ex

This might be the worst one, because the right partner should make you completely forget that your ex even exists anymore.

If your current partner has you reminiscing over happier times with an ex, you’re probably just with them for the sake of having a partner.

You shouldn’t have to convince yourself that you like your partner.

You enjoy the idea that they’re more into you than you are them

I have an ex who once said, “Whoever likes the other person least has the most power in the relationship.” She was obsessed with the idea that she was way more into me than I was her.

If you enjoy the idea that your partner cares more about you than you do them, and you enjoy all of the attention and praise they give you, you’re just with them because it’s safe.

You can’t be hurt by someone you don’t really like.

You’re just bored

What all of this really comes down to is how bored you are with the relationship. And sometimes, drawing out a “bored” relationship can cause a lot of pain to the other person.

Don’t be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. You’re just wasting each other’s time. Find someone you truly like and then go for it.

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