BREAKING: SeaWorld Has Officially Been Banned From Breeding Orcas

SeaWorld for years has been under incredibly heavy scrutiny after animal rights activists doubled down on the nautical theme park. The criticism reached a tipping point with the release of the documentary Blackfish, which exposed inhumane treatment of their animals.

After years of activism, animal rights groups scored yet another massive victory against SeaWorld with the California Caostal Commission banning captive breeding of whales, as well as limiting how the company can hold and transport the animals.

The board also approved SeaWorld's $100 million project called Project Blue World which is set to greatly improve the quality of life for the whales they keep captive. The project will expand the pools and enhance the quality of life for whales, but activists still call it a joke.

In a formal press release, SeaWorld stated: We are disappointed with the conditions that the California Coastal Commission placed on their approval of the Blue World Project and will carefully review and consider our options. Breeding is a natural, fundamental and important part of an animal’s life, and depriving a social animal of the right to reproduce is inhumane.”

SeaWorld asserts that their parks are more like veterinary clinics than zoos, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the lifespan of Orcas is severely diminished when they're held in captivity.

Attendance at SeaWorld is in steep decline with 100,000 fewer tickets sold in 2015 than in 2014.

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