Breathtaking Drone Footage Captures A Paddleboarder’s Encounter With Two Whales

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There are few things in this world we find more enchanting than close encounters with whales. Jaimen Hudson, an Australia-based photographer who specializes in breathtaking drone footage, caught an incredible encounter a paddleboarder had with two colossal Southern Right Whales.

“Dave Price, who lives close by, was just making his way over to the whales on his stand-up paddle board,” Hudson explained to ABC News. “And they were really inquisitive and come over to meet him.”

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Marine biologists and conservationists believe that there are only about 10,000 southern right whales remaining in the world, though their numbers are increasing since hunting has been largely abolished.

This footage is more than just some neat drone images. It really shows how intelligent and sensitive these large creatures are. This is truly breathtaking drone footage at its best. Enjoy.