British Authorities Are Stealing Children From Their Parents. Why?

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Social services are meant to keep children protected from adults who put them in terrible, abusive, neglected situations. They’re intended to protect kids from harm. Even members of my own family work in this field and it is important. In Britain, unsettling stories of ‘forced adoption’ have hit headlines where many parents are claiming that children are being stolen from them by the state without cause or reason.

Laws in the United Kingdom are pretty straightforward: children should only be taken into care if they are neglected, at risk of harm, or abused. But in some cases, children have been taken by the government where no evidence of parental wrongdoing can be proven. Some of these children actually go on to be abused in their foster care homes.

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Why is this happening?

During his time as Prime Minister, Tony Blair made a target to increase adoption rates by 40%. The consequences of this measure, while conceived in good intentions, have been devastating. British social services have been working harder to find excuses to take children from their homes to put up for adoption in an attempt to meet this quota. Which is why quotas for government officials probably isn’t a good idea.