Brother Creates Prom Dress For His Sister From Scratch When Their Parents Can’t Afford One

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When we think of siblings we often think of petty arguments and rivalry. Sisters tend to steal each other clothes’ while brothers fight over nothing. Yet, that is not always the case. Siblings have some of the strongest bonds as they share a certain level of understanding no one else could share, while loving each other unconditionally.

Maverick Francisco Oyao’s story is just an example of that. His family lives in the Philippines and they don’t have a lot of money. They felt really bad when they couldn’t afford to rent a prom dress for their daughter Lu Asey. So, her brother decided to take matters into his own hands

He Had Never Designed Anything Like This

blue material folded and layed out on wooden floor

Maverick Francisco Oyao / Facebook

Maverick Francisco Oyao / Facebook

When Maverick found out that the rental fee was too expensive for his family, he figured the only solution was to get creative and make one himself. This was going to be quite the task as he had never actually made a dress before, especially for such an important event.

Documenting his journey on Facebook, he wrote: ” It all started with the school’s first confirmed announcement of the upcoming junior and senior prom. There is a required prom dress that is very expensive to rent, but I can’t afford to rent it.”