Do You See Butterflies Often? THIS Is What It Means

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Butterflies are creatures of beauty and dramatic change. Seeing an unusually high number of anything is normally indicative of periods of revolution and opportunities for growth.

The butterfly symbolizes not only that, but diversification, confidence, perseverance and beauty. If you are blessed with a abnormally large following of these examples of these guilded beauties, you’ve got good things coming to you my friend.

You may also find yourself reaping the benefits of recent hardships and trials.

Productive And Positive Change

The butterfly is a the final expression of its species. From an egg, to a caterpillar, to chrysalis, and finally butterfly, its life is a series of distinct stages and forms. This makes it a natural example of metaphorical evolution and change. Each time this animal changes, it grows in mobility and becomes more beautiful.

Seeing this animal in any of its forms may reveal to hidden changes occurring in your life, or growth that is on it’s way. In either case, continue your course and have faith in your ability to be everything you can be. The caterpillar is beautiful and amazing because within it, it has the final expression of what it is. All it needs to do is keep doing what is natural and healthy.